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Mattress Firm Job Application Online

The Mattress Firm is a nationwide mattress retailer, offering in-store mattress sales at discounted prices, as well as shopping by phone and online ordering.  In addition to their guaranteed low prices, and zero interest-for-two-years financing and payment option, the company offers a wide variety of brand name mattresses at low prices, as well as additional price cuts on clearance items and weekly specials.  Consumers can shop for mattress sets, mattresses or box springs alone, bed frames, headboards and footboards, accessories like mattress protectors, pillows, and bedding.  Same-day delivery is available for local orders, and guaranteed delivery within a week for national delivery to states where there isn’t a local Mattress Firm retail location.  The Mattress Firm takes care of its consumers with top-tier customer service, as well as informational extras like mattress guides and sleep tips available on the website.  You can become part of the team that helps people sleep across the nation by submitting your Mattress Firm online application for employment.

Mattress Firm Jobs Available

The Mattress Firm employs mattress sales associates in its many retail locations, as well as delivery and transportation specialists to facilitate warehousing and shipping, call center customer service support at call centers and facilitating online ordering and delivery, and clerical and administrative support in handling advertising, financials, and day-to-day operation of the company’s business.  Managers are also needed for oversight of individual retail locations as well as for areas of operation within the company.  You can position yourself for any of these career paths with your Mattress Firm application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Mattress Firm:

The Mattress Firm job application online is available to applicants of eighteen years and older.

Mattress Firm Store Hours

The bottom left corner of the website’s home page features a “Find Location” tool which will enable you to determine the location and operating hours of stores nearest you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Mattress Firm

  • Click the “About Us” button in the menu bar across the top of the home page, and then select “Careers” from the resulting drop-down menu.  The online career site allows you to search for jobs by location, and submit a Mattress Firm online application.
  • The online career center allows you to register as an applicant, complete an online questionnaire, and submit a Mattress Firm job application form for various suitable positions.  You can return and use the same login and password to check the status of existing applications, or to apply for additional positions.

Most Common Positions At Mattress Firm & Income Information

The most commonly available jobs with Mattress Firm are the in-store retailing positions of hourly sales associates on the sales floors, and salaried store managers who oversee each locations operations and personnel.  Additionally, you can submit a Mattress Firm job application for the logistical support positions at the company’s distribution centers or central office, mostly hourly positions handling jobs like warehousing and shipping, transportation, finances, payroll, human resources, loss prevention, advertising and marketing, website management and information technology, accounting, clerical and administrative assistance, and other support roles, as well as salaried management positions overseeing specific areas of operation.

Mattress Firm Benefits

Mattress Firm employees can rest easy, thanks to the employee discounts they enjoy at the company’s stores.  Additionally, eligible employees enjoy health coverage, retirement and vacation benefits, and career opportunities with in-house company training.  It all begins with your Mattress Firm application.

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