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You might find that jobs in the medical industry are perfect for you if you enjoy helping people and providing a service to the greater good. Medical industry careers are an evergreen job market as people will always need health care no matter how good or bad the economy is at any given point. You can find many different positions in the medical industry from dealing directly with patients to administrative work. There is never a bad time to apply for a job in this field. If you need help completing your medical industry applications, please download our helpful guide, 7 Secrets to Getting Hired.

The experience you need in the medical industry will widely vary depending on the career track that you choose. Doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, and other professionals who deal directly with patient care will need several years of training. Other jobs in the medical industry, such as administrative, janitorial, or other entry level positions may not require any experience at all. Many of these types of jobs will provide on the job training so that you can make an income while you learn your trade.

When applying and interviewing for medical industry jobs, it is important that you know certain facts about each company in which you are applying. Hiring managers like to see ambitious people applying for their positions. Knowing a little history about each company may give you the edge over your competition. Medical industry careers will require you to interact with people, so you want to make sure that you convey a very personable attitude during the application process.

Entry level positions are a great way to start a long lasting career in the medical industry. Private offices are always looking for assistants, receptionists, and clerical workers. These positions offer normal 9 to 5 business hours, benefits, and great working environments. You could also complete medical industry applications at hospitals. There are a wide variety of entry level positions available at hospitals from the cleaning crew to the cafeteria staff to higher level assistant jobs. Consult with the human resources staff at the hospital in which you will be applying to get a list of available opportunities.

As an assistant, receptionist, or clerical worker, you can expect to deal directly with patients. Scheduling appointments, taking phone calls, doing paper work, filing, data entry, and completing projects assigned to you by the doctors are all part of the job. You will need to be able to multitask fairly well in order to succeed.

As a hospital worker, your daily job requirements will vary by position. You could be expected to clean hospital rooms, make or serve food in the cafeteria, complete administrative assignments, help patients, and more.
Because of the wide variety of medical industry careers available, it is difficult to provide one pay scale. Salaries vary from minimum wage to some careers that pay over $100,000 a year. Consult the hiring manager to discuss pay rates for your prospective career.

Jobs in the medical industry can be a fulfilling a fun career choice. If you need help filing out medical career applications, download our guide, 7 Secrets to Getting Hired.
 Also check our write ups about more specific medical industry jobs and careers.

41 Responses to Medical Industry Job Applications

  • Lorraine Youssef says:

    I wish to apply for a part time / casual position as a Medical Receptionist. Due to my varied background and skills I have qualifications that will enable me to become a successful secretary. Assisting the General Practitioner with various medical procedures for example acupuncture, ECG, cholesterol testing and other numerous tasks are some of my abilities. There is so much valuable information on this site.

  • Joana Rocha says:

    I recently completed the program to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. I’m looking for a position that i may qualify for while i wait to take my board exam.

  • helen whalen says:

    i am seeking employment in the cape MAY AREA FOR A LPN POSTION

  • Ms.Abid says:

    I am a medical assistant and also a sonographer… So I am looking
    For a job in medical field as assistant/receptionist or as
    Sonographer. So please let me know about any job
    Opening in hospitals or medical faculty… Near staten island,ny,10314

  • Saima says:

    I’m seeking employment in Lawrenceville ,Ewing ,Hamilton ,Princeton Area for certified Medical assistant or certified Phlebotomy tech position .

  • Allyson Johnson says:

    I am looking for a medical asisstant position to fufill my ambition in the medical field. I have been an asset in the company I work for now, where the focus has been for me medical records. It has been two years since I have completed my training for medical asissting. I am now ready to further my extention of the knowledge I have obtain in school. I am ready to be a Medical Asisstant.

  • Laura Terry says:

    Am currently seeking full time position in Dental Office, I have been unemployed since may 2011 because the Dentist retired and was employed with him as Office manager/receptionist and assistant. Am in dire need of employment no income about to loose apartment

  • Stan Mashburn RN says:

    I am looking for a UM job for work at home.

  • Nicole Robinson says:

    I hold 2 master degrees. One in Health Services Administration & MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management. I’m looking for a job as a director or assistant administrator at a assisted living or long term care facility or nursing home. Area of location is the Hampton Roads Area.

  • Cheryl Croft says:

    I am seeking a job as a Certified Medical Assistant, I am currently volunteering at Roseville hospital in Nursery and love it. But I would love to work for cardio office, or a urgent care. My area is Roseville, Auburn area.

  • Alfred Lorenzo Saunders Jr. says:

    I Graduated from Carrington College for Medical Assistant in November 2010, with Honor’s and perfect attendence. I have yet to find work. I know in this field employers are looking for experience outside of externship, but how do I gain the experience if know one is willing to hire a graduate. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

  • John Mancha says:

    I have been looking for a Pharmacy technician job in the San Francisco east bay area I have my state license#114685 and my PTCB certification hopeing to find entry leval position

  • Ashley Santiago says:

    Hello my name is Ashley Santiago i am seeking work for Marc’s.
    I have cashier , sales floor and stocking experiences.
    I am i fast learner i never miss a day of work and i am willing to learn.

  • Tammy Benton says:

    I’m currently looking for a entry level position as an assistant, receptionist, or clerical worker.

  • rafael trotzky says:

    I am seeking a job as a medical assistant or Phlebotomy in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Agnes Jones says:

    I am a License Practical Nrse with 26 years experience,ooking fo a partime job.

  • christy roberts says:

    i am seeking employment in jacksonmississippi with my office medical experince

  • Monica says:

    I am looking for a position in behavioral health. I have a masters in clinical psychology. I live in the portage park area. I have been a social services director, crisis intervention counselor, behavioral health technician, and have done counseling.

  • Debra Eichelberger says:

    I have worked as a administrative assistant for over 15 years in the medical field. I am looking for a position with a medical company (Medical Office) where I may grow with the company.

  • Marsha Cuddy says:

    I am an RN in good standing with 20 years in long-term care/rehab (supervisory position) and over 9 years as a circulator in the OR most recently. I would love to work in an ambulatory surgery center, and am also open to LTC or other fields, such as pharmaceutical, or for an insurance complany. I am a real team player, and can bring much expeience to any position. Thank you.

  • Nasheta Walton says:

    Im a recent National Certified Medical Assistant grad with a GPA of 3.0. Im currentaly seeking a Clinical Position as a Medical Assistant. I also hold training and skills in Pharmacy Tech and Personal direct care.

  • Jennifer Garcia says:

    I’ve been working in the Medical field for ten years now as a Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist. I’ve been looking for a new job. I’m a very good employee with a lot of medical experience.

  • Sears Taylor says:

    I am a newly graduated counseling psychologist who has passed the NCE exam in the upper 14%> I am looking for paid or unpaid oppprtunity for 1500 supervised hours to use towards final Washington state license. I have EMDR trauam certification and addiction counseling expereince. 360-510-2239

  • Tiffany Newson says:

    I graduated January of 2012, and am now seeking employment as a medical assistant. I have 160 hours of externship for experience.

  • Michael Morales says:

    Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor Trainee .Looking for work.A.S.A.P

  • Veronica Wiley says:

    I am a RN that has worked in long term care for many years. I have worked as a floor nurse, care plan nurse, assistant director of nursing, director of nursing and a nurse consultant. I am interested in leadership positions and would prefer to look for a position in North Carolina.


    i am interested in a position as a medical assistant or pharmacy technician please. what are the policy for foreign workers.

  • Loretta says:

    I am seeking a position as a echo cardiology tech, I have two years experience. I am registry eligible. Lives in the East Atlanta.

  • Rachid Djelloul says:

    My name is Rachid Djelloul, I have served with the US Military in Iraq for four years as a cultural adviser,
    and I do speak multiple languages such as,French,Arabic, Hispanic,and Italian.
    I wish to find a job as a medical interpreter in a clinic or hospital in fair fax VA.
    I am very flexible time wise.

  • elaine white says:

    I am seeking a full-time Medical Assistant or Phelbotomy position in the Mt. Laurel (Burlington County location).

  • Kathleen Meyers says:

    I have 35 plus years experience in group medical insurance. I am looking for a full time job in this field.

  • Tiffiney Stiles says:

    I am searching for a medical receptionist position in a company that I may grow in.
    With one class left to retain my degree in Medical Reimbursement & Coding, I would like to start as a secretary or receptionist until I learn the companies procedures and coding system. All I need is someone to take a chance with me. After obtaining my degree, I plan on getting certified
    as an HIM or CCS. With my degree I have earned my Billing Certificate as well. Please contact me at the email address provided if there are any questions.

  • Kimberly Cox says:

    In January I graduated from college with my AAS Degree in Medical Office Administration. I am ready and eager to work…

  • Carlos Garcia says:

    Hi, I am Carlos Garcia a RN graduate with license issued from NY State, with experience in dialysis, pacu, clinica. EKG, reading and inrpreting, Laboratory test, emergency IV, catheter, infusion I am looking a job full time.
    Carlos Garcia

  • Craig Brunkhart says:

    My name is Craig Brunkhart
    My background is in Management/Sales working for companies such as Oak Motors, J D Byrider and Teachers Credit Union
    I have successfully achieved 9 out of 12 sales goals with a company record of 150 units sold in one month. I have real world experience with administrative abilities and organizational skills.
    I am seeking a position in Management/Sales and would appreciate learning of openings with your company or contacts you may have.
    I’m honest, straight forward and stand by my word.
    I have respect, courtesy and fairness towards people.
    Again my name is Craig Brunkhart. Thank you

  • Gwendolyn June Griffitts says:

    I am about to complete a program in medical billing and coding. I need to work from home due to being disabled. I live in Abilene, TX. I am also a Certified Internal Auditor and have two Masters Degrees.

  • Adriana Martínez says:

    I seeking a job in a hospital or some health institute were I can begin in cleanning services to they get to know me that I’m a hard worker person. And I can get my license of registered Dietitian in USA.

  • Ernest Zahn says:

    Please take a look at my resume. I have a great background and a lot of experience. Looking for a part time position. (Two or three days a week)

  • Shawdai Ford says:

    I am seeking a nursing job as well as an nurse assistant.

  • Valerie Lee says:

    I am looking for a position as a Medical Billing follow-up Specialist or a Claims Examiner. I have many years experience in both fields in all specialty. Also experienced as a Fertility medical billing/followup specialist.

  • Dahlia Aegis Fletcher says:

    I am seeking employment as a cleaner in a medical facility or hospital in the New York area preferably in Queens. I am a certified Home Health Aide with a many years of experience and expertise. I

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