Healthcare Jobs

One of the most satisfying experiences, for those who are interested in the field, is healthcare. Unlike a lot of other jobs, in healthcare, you make a measurable difference each and every day. There’s little ambiguity in healthcare, and waking up each and every day knowing you’re helping somebody can make a real difference in your life.

In addition, healthcare is a growing community- according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, eight of the fastest growing jobs are in the healthcare industry. That’s a pretty big deal- it means that you’ll have some serious job security and stability no matter what happens. And since baby boomers are aging, it means that as one of the largest segments in our society needs more and more care, you’ll already have your foot in the door.

And with the industry growing as fast as it is, there’s ample room for growth. In a very real sense, the only ceiling is your willingness to continue your education and improve your skills. There are openings in every healthcare field from nurse to specialized doctor, and the only thing standing in your way is your own ability and ambition. It’s very possible to work your way up the ladder and end up with a satisfying, well-paying job that you can stay in for your entire life.

A big part of what makes your job so interesting is your patients. No matter where you work, or in what field, you will find interesting and dynamic patients from all walks of life. Many of them will be gregarious and talkative, and will be happy to tell you everything about their life. Some will be shy, or sullen, or too sick to talk. A very few will be demanding and grumpy, but that happens in every job.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Working in health care can be draining, messy, and dirty. Being around sick people all day every day can get old fast, especially if you’re in a part of the industry that deals with terminally ill patients or the elderly. It can be hard to want to come to work knowing that you’re only delaying the inevitable for some patients, or knowing that some of your patients can’t afford the expensive procedures that they desperately need. The worst can be patients that blame you for any negative event that happens to them, even when it’s not your fault. Your happiness in a healthcare job depends largely on your ability to shrug off the negativity and focus on the positive sides.

Moreso than possibly any other job, your experience in a healthcare job depends on your attitude. If you go to work with the attitude that your job is interesting and exciting, with room for growth and job security, you’ll have an excellent time in your job. You’ll meet professional, skilled individuals and make friends that you’ll never forget.

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