Comfort Keepers Application

Comfort Keepers Application – Apply Online At Comfort Keepers Today

Comfort Keepers Job Application Online

You can complete a Comfort Keepers online application for employment by visiting their website.  You can also visit a local office and ask for a Comfort Keepers application for any positions within that office.  You must use the Comfort Keepers online application for all corporate positions.

Comfort Keepers Jobs Available

You can fill out a Comfort Keepers job application for the following positions: Companion, Personal Care Aide, Client Care Coordinator, Homemaker, Live In Care, Bookkeeper, Scheduling Assistant, General Manager, On Call Responder, Scheduling Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, Territory Sales Manager, HR Specialist, Office Manager, and Receptionist.

Minimum Employment Age At Comfort Keepers:

You have to be at least eighteen years old to work at Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers Store Hours

Comfort Keepers’ hours vary by position.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Comfort Keepers

The Comfort Keepers job application form is three pages long, so allow plenty of time to fill it out.  Find a place free from distractions where you can concentrate.

One of the questions asks when you are available for employment.  Since most health care companies need to be staffed right away, it is best not to extend it for more than two weeks unless absolutely necessary.

It states at the top of the application that all fields must be filled out or it will be rejected.  Even if something does not pertain to you, put “not applicable” rather than leaving it blank.

The Comfort Keepers application form asks for your employment history.  There is space for you to list the job duties you performed.  You should use this opportunity to highlight any information that shows experience relevant to the position for which you are applying.

You are asked if you are willing to work overtime.  The answer you provide here can help determine if you are considered for the job, especially for caregiver positions.  Many clients need care after traditional working hours and on weekends and a flexible employee can be a benefit.

You are also required to list three work references who are not former supervisors.  If you have no work experience, you can list school or personal references.  Make sure they have some knowledge of your abilities and skills.  They will be asked about your work ethic and if you are dependable.  The best references you can list if you have never held a full-time job are people who have worked with you on part-time jobs.

Most Common Positions At Comfort Keepers & Income Information

There is always a need for homemakers, personal care aides, and companions and they do not need experience.  For those who do have experience, they can find open positions in scheduling and management.  Comfort Keepers pay a salary comparable to other home health care companies in the same area.  Rates are dependent upon the employee’s experience.

Comfort Keepers Benefits

Employees with Comfort Keepers can receive bonuses and incentives, along with profit sharing and tuition reimbursement.  They may receive other benefits dependent upon their position and which office they work from.

To visit Comfort Keepers’s website click here.

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