Connect Hearing Application

Connect Hearing Application – Apply Online At Connect Hearing Today

Connect Hearing Job Application Online

You can fill out a Connect Hearing online application for employment at their website.  You can also stop by a location and ask for a Connect Hearing application.

Connect Hearing Jobs Available

You can apply for the following positions with a Connect Hearing job application: General Manager, Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Manager, HIP And Audiologist, Customer Service Representative, and Hearing Instrument Practitioner.

Minimum Employment Age At Connect Hearing:

You must be at least eighteen years old to be employed with Connect Hearing.

Connect Hearing Store Hours

Connect Hearing is open Monday through Friday 10:00am-6:00pm; Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm; and they are closed on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Connect Hearing

The Connect Hearing online application is available on the website, and you can upload a resume.  You will want to customize your resume for the position you are applying for.  Make sure the objective reflects your interest; other areas should show experience that will be beneficial for this future position.

If you are not comfortable with your ability to create a winning resume, do not hesitate to hire a resume writing service to design one for you.  Your resume is the main instrument in getting you an interview and you want it to demonstrate your skills and strengths.

You will want to proofread your resume whether you write it or have someone else do it.  Since it will be a reflection of your best work, you will want to make sure there are no errors or mistakes.

You do not need to create a fancy resume with unusual fonts and a complicated style.  The hiring manager will pay more attention to the content than the design.  It will actually be easier for them to read if you keep it simple.

You will also have to provide your contact information on the Connect Hearing job application form.  This will include your email address.  One question on the connect Hearing application form is the one that asks if you are a student or professional.  It asks what position you are applying for and what your anticipated graduation date is.

Expect it to take anywhere from one week to a month to hear from someone if you are being considered for the position.

Most Common Positions At Connect Hearing & Income Information

Since there is over 100 locations, Connect Hearing always has open positions that need to be filled.  Sales associates and customer service employees do not require a lot of education and may employ entry level applicants.  Other positions require more education or a specialized degree.  Connect Hearing provides leading compensation in the industry for their employees.

Connect Hearing Benefits

Connect Hearing provides their staff a competitive benefits package for their staff.  This includes paid training and continuing education.  They also receive medical, vision, and dental insurance, along with life insurance.

Employees can qualify for paid time off for vacation and sick time.  They can also contribute to the 401k plan and can receive short and long term disability.

To visit Connect Hearing’s website click here.

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