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The Dentist’s Choice Application – Apply Online At The Dentist’s ChoiceToday

The Dentist’s Choice Job Application Online

You will not find The Dentist’s Choice online application for employment on their website and you cannot download one to print.  You can visit the contact page to ask about applying for positions.  You can also visit a location and ask for The Dentist’s Choice application.

The Dentist’s Choice Jobs Available

You can apply for any of the following positions with The Dentist’s Choice job application: Receptionist, Dental Assistant, Dentist, Scheduler, and Dental Hygienist.

Minimum Employment Age At The Dentist’s Choice:

You must be at least twenty-one years old to work at The Dentist’s Choice.

The Dentist’s Choice Store Hours

The Dentist’s Choice is open at various times depending on the location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With The Dentist’s Choice

Even though there isn’t The Dentist’s Choice online application, you can visit their website to apply for a job.  You can go to the Contact page and find their address and phone number.  Ask for the hiring manager or someone in the Human Resource department and then find out how to submit The Dentist’s Choice job application form.

You may find out that you can submit a resume instead of filling out The Dentist’s Choice application form.  Be sure to ask who the cover letter should be addressed to.

When you call The Dentist’s Choice, make sure you introduce yourself and sound professional.  Be pleasant and friendly; the recruiter may write down their impression of you to go with the resume when you send it.

Ask how the resume should be submitted.  They may give you a mailing address or fax number; ask about an email address, too.  That would be the quickest way to get your resume to the right person.

No matter how you send a resume, you should include a cover letter with the resume.  Ideally, you would use the same paper and style as you used on the resume.  You do not need to buy special paper or use a fancy letterhead.  Plain white paper with a simple letterhead containing your contact information would be sufficient.

You do not need fancy fonts; they often make it harder for the hiring manager to read.  Since the hiring manager will be reading a large number of resumes, they will probably skim them for the first time.  You want yours to be easy to read with short words and phrases.

Always read over your resume and cover letter to check for errors.  They should be error free.

Most Common Positions At The Dentist’s Choice & Income Information

There are often receptionist positions open and assistant jobs.  Other positions require special training or a degree.  The Dentist’s Choice pays a competitive wage to their employees.

The Dentist’s Choice Benefits

Employees of The Dentist’s Choice receive health insurance and dental and vision insurance.  They also get life insurance and paid holidays and time off.  They can also contribute to the company’s 401k retirement plan.  Employees also enjoy a flexible schedule and paid training.

To visit The Dentist’s Choice’s website click here.

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