Erickson Living Community Application

Erickson Living Community Application – Apply Online At Erickson Living Community Today

Erickson Living Community Job Application Online

You can fill out an Erickson Living Community online application for employment if you visit their website.  You can also stop by one of their locations and request an Erickson Living Community application form that you fill out by hand.

Erickson Living Community Jobs Available

You can fill out an Erickson Living Community job application form for the following jobs as they become available: Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Physical Therapist, Household Associate, Housekeeper, Communications Specialist, RN Charge Nurse, Speech Language Pathologist, Assistant Manager, Occupational Therapist, Staff Development Coordinator, Special Projects Team Worker, and General Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Erickson Living Community:

You must be at least eighteen years of age to seek employment with Erickson Living Community.

Erickson Living Community Store Hours

Erickson Living Community is open twenty-four hours a day for seven days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Erickson Living Community

You will have to register on the website before you can access the Erickson Living Community online application.  You will provide your email address and create a password.  Once you have entered your information, it will be saved for future job openings that you wish to apply for.

When you fill out the Erickson Living Community job application, make sure all of your information is correct.  You will want to make sure phone numbers haven’t changed.  If you give email addresses for your references, you will want to make sure they are the ones that are currently being used.  Some people change their email addresses and cell phone numbers frequently.

Provide information that is relevant to the job for which you are seeking.  When you list your education and training, you should add anything that could be beneficial in the new position, such as customer service experience or training.  Computer training is often helpful in any job, since many of them use automated systems of some kind.

Before you submit your application to the hiring manager, take the time to review it.  Look for spelling and grammar mistakes.  Your resume should be free from errors and represent your best effort.  It should show that you pay close attention to detail and take the time to make it look professional.

Most Common Positions At Erickson Living Community & Income Information

You will often find aide and housekeeping positions open that require no experience.  Other positions have openings on a regular basis, but they may require special education or even a degree along with experience.  Erickson Living Community pays their staff an excellent wage that is comparable with other centers in the same region.

Erickson Living Community Benefits

Employees of Erickson Living Community receive numerous benefits, including medical, dental, and life insurance.  They also receive short and long term disability.  They can begin contributing to the 401k plan at their hire.

They can qualify for paid time off and paid holidays.  They also receive tuition reimbursement and emergency transportation.  They can participate in the flexible spending program.

To visit Erickson Living Community’s website click here.

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