Eye DRx Application

Eye DRx Application – Apply Online At Eye DRx Today

Eye DRx Job Application Online

You will find an Eye DRx online application that you can fill out for any open positions. You can also stop by one of their locations and ask for an Eye DRx application form.

Eye DRx Jobs Available

You can apply for the following jobs with an Eye DRx job application form: Customer Service Representative, Lab Technician, Assistant Manager, Sales Associate, Lab Supervisor, Managed Care Specialist, Information Technology Intern, Administrative Assistant, Key Holder, General Manager, Optician, IT Purchasing Manager, Claims Processor, Merchandise Expeditor, Help Desk Manager, Manufacturing Supervisor, IT Support Center Technician, Analyst, Manufacturing Technician, Optometrist Technician, Accounts Payable and Receivable Associate, Final Inspector, and Section Leader.

Minimum Employment Age At Eye DRx:

You have to be at least eighteen years old to work at Eye DRx.

Eye DRx Store Hours

Eye DRx is open Monday through Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm, and Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Eye DRx

Before you begin to complete the Eye DRx online application for employment, you should update your resume.  If you do not have one, create one to submit with the application.

You can either write your own resume or hire a professional resume writing company to create one for you.  They will customize it for the job you are applying for and input all of your information.

Once you have your resume ready to go, you can begin filling out the Eye DRx job application.  You will provide your contact information and list the position desired.  You can also put your salary requirements, but it is often better to leave that until later in the application process.

You will have to list you current or last employer on the Eye DRx application.  You will still list them on your resume as well.  You are asked if the hiring manager can contact that employer.  Do not be afraid to say no.  Most people do not tell their current employment that they are seeking work until they give notice.

You will have to copy and paste your resume into the application; keep the format simple and easy to read.  If you prefer, you can also email the company and submit your resume.  Either way, make sure your resume looks professional with no mistakes.

Most Common Positions At Eye DRx & Income Information

There are many technician jobs available, some that are entry level.  Other positions require experience or a degree.  Eye DRx offers a competitive wage to their employees, regardless of position.

Eye DRx Benefits

Employees with Eye DRx receive a comprehensive benefits package, including medical and dental insurance, flexible spending accounts, and basic life insurance.  They also get both short and long term disability coverage, paid vacation, and paid holidays.  They can also take paid personal time off and participate in the company’s 401k plan.

Part-time employees also enjoy some of the same benefits.  They can get limited medical coverage and paid vacation.  They can participate in the 401k plan and receive free and discounted eyeglasses or contacts.

To visit Eye DRx’s website click here.

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