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EyeMasters Application – Apply Online At EyeMasters Today

EyeMasters Job Application Online

You have several options for applying with EyeMasters.  You can go on the internet and fill out an EyeMasters online application for employment or you can send a resume in an email.  If you prefer, you can also visit one of their locations in person and submit a resume or ask for an EyeMasters application.

EyeMasters Jobs Available

You can fill out an EyeMasters job application for the following positions: Optometric Technician, Sales Associate, Optician, Lab Technician, General Manager, Keyholder, Lab Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Accounts Payable and Receivable Associate, Retail Supervisor, Claims Processor, Information Technologist, Analyst, IT Purchasing Manager, Manufacturing Technician, Help Desk Manager, Final Inspector, IT Support Center Technician, Managed Care Specialist, Merchandising Assortment Planner, Merchandise Analyst, and Merchandise Expeditor.

Minimum Employment Age At EyeMasters:

You must be at least eighteen years of age to be employed with EyeMasters.

EyeMasters Store Hours

EyeMasters is open Monday through Friday 10:00am-8:00pm; Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm; and Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With EyeMasters

The EyeMasters online application is short and will not take long to fill out.  Before you begin, you will need to have an updated resume or create a new one.  You can look online at resume writing websites to help you create one.  You can also hire a professional resume writing company to write it for you.  Either way, tailor your resume for the position for which you are applying.

Once you have created a resume, you can begin to fill out the EyeMasters job application form.  You will provide your contact information and list your current employer.  If you are not working at the time, list the most previous employment.  The EyeMasters application form asks you if they can contact this employer.  If you no longer work there, you should say yes.  If you are still employed, it is up to you if you feel comfortable with them knowing you are job hunting.

You will have to copy and paste your resume to the EyeMasters job application form.  Keep it simple with plain fonts and ordinary styling.  This makes it easier to copy and easier for the hiring manager to read.

Most Common Positions At EyeMasters & Income Information

There are always technician jobs available at entry level.  You will also find sales associate job openings, along with a need for general managers.  Managers will need a degree and previous experience.  EyeMasters pays a competitive salary for all of its employees.

EyeMasters Benefits

EyeMasters offers employees a full benefits package.  This includes life insurance, medical and dental coverage, and paid vacations and holidays.  Employees may also get paid personal time off, and they can contribute to the 401k plan for their retirement.  They may participate in the flexible spending program.  They will receive short and long term disability and free or discounted eyewear.

Part-time staff receives a reduced benefits package with limited medical coverage and paid vacation.  They can also contribute to the 401k plan and get discounts on eye wear.

To visit EyeMasters’s website click here.

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