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Hired Hands ApplicationHired Hands Application – Apply Online At Hired Hands Today

Hired Hands Job Application Online

You will not find a Hired Hands online application for employment at their website.  You can email them at the address they have listed and ask for a Hired Hands job application form.  You can also stop by the closest location and pick up a Hired Hands application.

Hired Hands Jobs Available

You can fill out a Hired Hands job application for the following positions: Home Health Aide, Nurse Practitioner, General Manager, Nurse Aide, Caregivers, and Assistant Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Hired Hands:

You must be at least eighteen years old to work for Hired Hands.

Hired Hands Store Hours

Hours for Hired Hands varies by location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hired Hands

Since you won’t be filling out a Hired Hands online application, you can send an email for information on how to apply.  Instead of filling out a Hired Hands application form, you can ask if you may submit a resume.  They may ask for a resume along with your application, so be prepared by having an updated copy of your resume ready.

Make sure your resume reflects your interest in working for Hired Hands.  If you use an objective in your resume, write two or three sentences that show a goal that is relevant to a career with them.  You can keep it general, but it should at least show an interest in the industry.

If you submit a resume to Hired Hands, attach a cover letter.  Even when emailing your submission, you should treat that email as a cover letter and be professional.  You should write approximately two or three paragraphs that tell about you as a person and why you are interested in working for Hired Hands.

Make sure you proofread your resume and cover letter or application and look for mistakes.  If you have time, ask someone else to look at your resume.  They can not only see spelling or grammar errors, but they will notice if something is unclear or looks out of place.

Once you submit your resume or application, you should wait at least a week before contacting the company.  It will likely be two or three weeks before they make their decisions after reviewing all candidates.  An email thanking them for reading your resume and letting them know to contact you with any questions will make you stand out from other applicants.

Most Common Positions At Hired Hands & Income Information

Hired Hands is always looking for qualified home health aides and caregivers.  They often need nurse practitioners and managers for the offices, but these positions require more training.

Hired Hands pays a competitive rate to their employees based on experience.

Hired Hands Benefits

You can enjoy a flexible schedule with Hired Hands.  Because they service clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can request a schedule that fits your other obligations.

You will also get paid training and opportunities to advance within the company.  You may enjoy medical insurance and paid time off, depending on your position within the company.

To visit Hired Hands’s website click here.

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