Miracle Ear Application

Miracle Ear Application – Apply Online At Miracle Ear Today

Miracle Ear Job Application Online

You can fill out a Miracle Ear online application for employment at their website.  You can also visit your local store to ask for a Miracle Ear application form.

Miracle Ear Jobs Available

You can apply for these positions as they come open with a Miracle Ear job application form: Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Sales Associate, Medical Front Office Coordinator, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager, Business Development Manager, General Manager, and Online Marketing Specialist.

Minimum Employment Age At Miracle Ear:

You must be at least eighteen years of age to work at Miracle Ear.

Miracle Ear Store Hours

Miracle Ear is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and they are closed on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Miracle Ear

To use the Miracle Ear online application, you must create a user name and password.  You can also log in by Facebook or LinkedIn.  Your information can be transferred from LinkedIn so you don’t have to input everything.

If you do not have those profiles or do not wish to use them, you can fill out the form and create your user id and password.  You fill out your contact information on the Miracle Ear job application and provide your license number.  You can then upload your resume if it is in a Word document or copy and paste a plain text version.

You are also asked your desired salary on the Miracle Ear application.  You should do some research to know the standard amount unless you have already been working in that position.

Make sure your resume looks professional and has been recently updated.  The objectives should relate to the position you are seeking; the skills should highlight relevant abilities for the job.

Look for any errors in your resume.  Pay attention to spelling and grammar; use short, powerful words in your job duties.  Try to find one or two words to describe each task you performed at previous jobs rather than using a complete sentence.  You do not need to list every task of your previous jobs, only the main ones or ones that will be beneficial to a future position.

Make sure your references are also updated.  Try not to use any that are from jobs more than two years old unless you still maintain regular contact with the person.

Most Common Positions At Miracle Ear & Income Information

You will often find receptionist, customer service and sales positions open at Miracle Ear.  Management positions come open occasionally, but they require additional experience or a degree.  Miracle Ear pays all of their staff a competitive rate, depending upon the region where the store is located and the experience of the employee.

Miracle Ear Benefits

Employees receive medical, dental, and vision insurance with prescription coverage.  They can also participate in the 401k plan which the company matches after they have been employed three months.  They also get paid holidays, paid vacation, and paid sick time.

Other benefits include flexible spending plans and long and short term disability.  They can get reimbursed for education expenses and receive life insurance.

To visit Miracle Ear’s website click here.

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