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Scripps Health Application – Apply Online At Scripps Health Today

Scripps Health Job Application Online

You can complete a Scripps Health online application.  You can also visit a location and request a Scripps Health application form.

Scripps Health Jobs Available

You can submit a Scripps job application form for the following positions: Medical Library Technician, Customer Service Representative, Insurance Verifier, Medical Staff Coordinator, Access Representative, Treasury Analyst, Pharmacy Technician, Administrative Assistant, Patient Services Representative, CV Technician, Medical Assistant, Clinical Coordinator, Health Information Clerk, Financial Analyst, Contract Specialist, Mental Health Worker, Housekeeper, Billing Representative, Surgical Technologist, Assistant Manager, Lab Assistant, Research Assistant, Technical Partner, and General Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Scripps Health:

You must be at least eighteen years old to be employed with Scripps Health.

Scripps Health Store Hours

Scripps Health is open Monday through Friday 8:00am-6:00pm.  They are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Scripps Health

You will create a profile when you complete the Scripps Health online application for employment.  This will allow you to check the status of your application to see where it is in the process.

When you fill out the Scripps Health job application, you will include your resume.  You cannot make any changes once it has been submitted.  If you remove your application for a position, you cannot apply for it again.  You must fill out a separate Scripps Health application for each position you are interested in.

You will have to fill out a TalentMine assessment along with your application.  It only needs to be filled out once in a 12 month period, but your application is incomplete until you have finished the assessment.

It will take 7-14 days before you will see a status change on your application.  You will not receive a phone call unless you are being considered for the position and are asked to interview.  On the status section, it will say “no longer under consideration” if your application was not accepted.  If you are being considered, it will say “Applicant Review.”  Do not contact the company to find out the status unless there is a problem with the website.

Most Common Positions At Scripps Health & Income Information

There are often openings for assistants and customer service positions, as well as housekeeping and technician jobs.  Management positions require a degree and training and other jobs may require specialized education.  Scripps Health pays a competitive salary for their employees.

Scripps Health Benefits

Employees get a comprehensive benefits package for employment with Scripps Health.  They receive medical, vision, and dental insurance, along with a wellness program.  They can also get short and long term disability and life insurance.  They may choose to get long term care insurance and they can participate in the 529 college savings plan and flexible spending program.

They can contribute to the company’s 401k plan, which the company will match.  Employees also get paid time off and paid short term disability, which lasts for more than two days.

Employees can also get reimbursed for tuition and receive discounts on products and services.

To visit Scripps Health’s website click here.

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