Sterling Optical Application

Sterling Optical Application – Apply Online At Sterling Optical Today

Sterling Optical Job Application Online

You can fill out a Sterling Optical online application at their website for any open positions.  You can also visit a location and ask for a Sterling Optical application form.

Sterling Optical Jobs Available

You can fill out a Sterling Optical job application form for the following positions as they come open: Customer Service Representative, Optician, Sales Associate, Optical Manager, Maintenance Manager, General Manager, Systems Solution Manager, Public Relations Manager, Finance Manager, Assistant Manager, Visual Merchandising Communications Manager, Administrative Assistant, Technical Support Coordinator, Maintenance Technician, Instrumental Controls Electronic Reliability Technician, Inspector, Reflective Inspector, Product Engineer, Operator, Asset Protection Associate, Packing Supervisor, Staff Accountant, Training Coordinator, Territory Sales Consultant, Store Systems Analyst, Data Feed Analyst, and Customer Relations Specialist.

Minimum Employment Age At Sterling Optical:

You must be at least eighteen years old to work at Sterling Optical.

Sterling Optical Store Hours

Sterling Optical is open Monday through Friday 9:00am-6:00pm; and Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Sterling Optical

The Sterling Optical online application for employment is short and will only take a few minutes for you to fill out.  Before you begin, you need to have an updated resume to upload.  It has to be in Microsoft Word.

Before you upload your resume, check it over for spelling and grammar mistakes.  Make sure everything has been updated recently.  People often forget to check their contact information in case they have moved or changed email addresses or phone numbers.  It is easy to overlook that part, but you may be using a resume that you have had since college or before.

Make sure your references’ contact information is also the same.  It can be helpful to list their email address; hiring managers often send questionnaires for them to fill out.  This can be easier and quicker than trying to track someone down over the phone or waiting for them to mail something.

Look over your employment history and education to see if you want to change the way anything is worded to reflect the job you are applying for.  You can change what skills you are highlighting based on the requirements for the new position.

Have someone else review your resume to see how it sounds and if there are ways you can improve it.  A second person can give you ideas to make your resume better.

Most Common Positions At Sterling Optical & Income Information

There are always positions available with Sterling Optical.  Jobs such as associates and technicians do not require a great deal of experience or specialized training and are entry level positions.  Management jobs are often available for someone with a degree or experience.  Other positions may require specialized education or experience.  Sterling Optical pays a competitive salary compared to other optical companies in the same region.

Sterling Optical Benefits

Benefits for employees include dental, vision, and health insurance.  They may also receive paid vacation and sick leave.  They can get short and long term disability and are able to contribute to the company’s 401k plan.

To visit Sterling Optical’s website click here.

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