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If you have an interest in a job that will allow you to interact more with people, you might be good in a retail job. If the economic crisis has affected your job, you may find a job in the retail industry. This industry is covered by a big number of companies from clothes’ stores to book stores. The holiday season is usually the best time to apply for a retail job. Sales increase during this period and stores are forced to hire more staff.

Most jobs in retail will not require you to have a lot of experience. An entry level position will not require any previous experience. This would be a great place to start if you have no retail jobs experience. However, you should be motivated and eager to learn to further your opportunities in this industry. Most retail stores will promote from within based on experience.

For example, if you are employed in a kid’s store be eager to know what kind of items they stock. If they are toys or games, make yourself aware so you can educate customers. Your supervisor will notice if you are helpful to customers and evaluate you accordingly. Retail sales jobs will require you to interact with customers most of the time. You should improve your customer relation skills so you are able to handle them efficiently.

If you are looking for retail management jobs, you can try out for a store assistant manager. Job responsibilities will vary by location. But you will mainly be assisting the store manager. The main responsibilities of a manager are to hire and train new employees. They also set the work schedules, supervise store operations and resolve any staff conflicts.
An assistant manager will also deal with customers by answering any product questions. Any paper work that needs to be filled will be done by the assistant. Any questions relating to merchandise and store policy are best answered by the assistant manager. The store should be able to train you about all these.

Another retail management job is store manager. This is the person who is in charge of the overall operation of the store. The main responsibilities of a store manager include administrative duties, customer service and employee management. Retail managers are expected to interview, hire, train, supervise and motivate employees so that any sales targets can be met.

Administrative duties include monitoring sales and pushing target goals so sales keep going higher. A store manager will also perform inventory checks and order any products that are low. They should also handle customer queries and complaints to ensure they are resolved amicably. These complaints should also be kept to a minimum.
All retail jobs will offer employees benefits depending if they are eligible or not. When eligible, they are entitled to a 401(k) retirement plan to cushion against an uncertain future. You can also get discounts on selling store merchandise. On an annual basis, eligible staff will be entitled to a paid time off.

Retail jobs operate extended hours on evenings and holidays and employees will sometimes be expected to work long hours.

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