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Barnes and Noble Booksellers Application – Apply Online At Barnes and Noble Booksellers Today

Barnes and Noble Booksellers Job Application Online

With a rich history reaching back to a book-printing business established in 1873 and a family-owned bookshop following in 1917 in New York City, Barnes and Noble Booksellershave held their place as the nation’s largest retailer of books and reading products, maintaining a bustling business at their on-site store locations, as well as additional traffic in their online bookselling venue.  Known for their inviting atmosphere in which readers can enjoy books and magazines in comfortable armchairs while sipping a specialty Starbucks coffee from the in-store café, Barnes and Noble Booksellers has maintained its loyal following of readers even with the advent of online enterprises and other competition.  Because the company has been wise enough to evolve with advances in reading technology and reader expectations, they have held onto their market share by introducing their own e-Reader, the Nook, and offering online ordering and free shipping of traditional books in addition to maintaining the environment and superstore-sized selection of reading materials at their physical store locations.  For readers who enjoy the conveniences of e-reading capabilities as well as the joys of physical books, Barnes and Noble Booksellers still offers everything a reader could want.  Its employees are book-lovers who can direct their fellow bibliophiles to any title on the shelves, or arrange for the ordering and delivery of any title that doesn’t happen to be in stock.  Become part of a well-loved tradition by submitting your Barnes and Noble Booksellers online application for employment.

Barnes and Noble BooksellersJobs Available

The Barnes and Noble Company hires sales associates for its retail locations, baristas for the in-store cafes, and management staff to oversee employees and operations of those stores.  The booming business of online ordering also requires a staff to handle the logistics of orders and shipping, and technological specialists deal in sales and technical support of the Nook e-reader.  You can submit a Barnes and Noble Booksellers application form from the website or at your local Barnes and Noble Booksellers location to become part of the tradition.

Minimum Employment Age At Barnes and Noble Booksellers:

The Barnes and Noble Booksellers job application online is available, for some positions, to applicants who are sixteen and older; other positions require applicants to be at least eighteen.

Barnes and Noble Booksellers Store Hours

The “Stores and Events” link at the top of the website allows you to search for specific Barnes and Noble Booksellers locations, and determine their business hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Barnes and Noble Booksellers

  • Click the “Careers at” link at the foot of the website to read about available jobs in the e-commerce division of the company, and to submit your Barnes and Noble Booksellers online application.
  • For in-store positions, the company suggests you submit a Barnes and Noble Booksellers job application form in person at your local store.

Most Common Positions At Barnes and Noble Booksellers & Income Information

The Barnes and Noble Booksellers job application can be submitted for sales associate and managerial positions, baristas at in-store cafes, and positions supporting the online ordering and shipping of e-commerce books, and technical and sales support of the Nook e-reader.

Barnes and Noble Booksellers Benefits

Your Barnes and Noble Booksellers application can result in a job with health benefits, retirement, paid vacation, and discounted shopping at the Barnes and Noble outlets.

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