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Book Off USA Job Job Application Online

Book Off USA is the American branch of a trading-and-selling business first introduced in Japan, dealing in used books, comics, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and games.  With online buying, selling, and trading as well as local used book-store locations, Book Off USA caters to the interests of collectors and recreationalists alike, facilitating searches for individual used titles, or offering venues for simple browsing.  The initial Book Off opened in 1990, and explosive growth led to its hundredth store opening a mere four years later. Expanding into niche venues (outlets for children, for sports, and for electronic equipment) and establishing a training center for franchisees and employees, the company opened its first American store in Hawaii in 2000.  Now boasting more than one thousand stores internationally, Book Off USA invites you to join a global enterprise by submitting your Book Off USA online application for employment.

Book Off USAJobs Available

The organization of Book Off USA employs retail sales associates at its individual locations, store managers, and support staff to facilitate the online ordering, trading, listing, assessment, evaluation, and marketing of the goods which are offered up for trade.  Your Book Off USA application form can be submitted to any individual store, or to the corporation for the online support jobs.

Minimum Employment Age At Book Off USA Job:

The Book Off USA job application online is available to job applicants who have reached the age of eighteen or above.

Book Off USA Job Store Hours

The “Store Locator” link on the website’s main page allows you to access individual store locations and contact information to determine store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Book Off USA Job

  • Before submitting your Book Off USA online application, take the time to familiarize yourself with the company and its services.  The website offers news postings, buying-and-selling tips, and categorized information for the different commodities (books, comics, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and games).  You can go into your interview informed about the business to secure a job offer with the company.
  • For employment at an individual secondhand bookstore location, you should consider delivering your Book Off USA job application form to the store in person, and take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself to the manager personally, and to become familiar with the store.

Most Common Positions At Book Off USA Job & Income Information

The Book Off USA business operates in two venues: the physical locations of the secondhand stores and the online buying, selling, and trading of books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and games. In-store staff members provide customer service for those wishing to sell existing items or to search for used titles or items within the store or among the inventory available online.  The online e-commerce arm of the company requires employees to facilitate the online ordering of goods, as well as shipping and delivery of those orders.  As used goods come in, employees assess and evaluate the items, and list them on the website or distribute them to stores. Become part of the book trade with your Book Off USA job application

Book Off USA Job Benefits

Eligible employees of Book Off USA may enjoy employee benefits including insurance for health coverage, vision and dental services, long-term and short-term disability insurance, flexible scheduling, paid vacation days, and retirement benefits, as well as additional shopping discounts on the secondhand merchandise offered by the company.  Secure a job by submitting your Book Off USA application today.

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