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Books Inc. Job Application Online

Books Inc., a self-proclaimed “Indie” bookstore with outlets in California, first opened in San Francisco in 1951, funded by a miner’s gold strike and offering reading materials to those who gathered for the mining boom.  Sponsoring a number of specialized book clubs and hosting book fairs and author signing events, the dozen locations cater to the reading needs of a loyal following in California.  The website offers an electronic newsletter, Indie updates, signed books, and scheduling for authors and booksellers to promote their books personally with readers.  The bookseller has adapted well with the changing times and preferences of readers, offering online connections like del.i.cious and dig bookmarking, Facebook and MySpace and Twitter updates, and social networking and updates via Google-plus, Google Buzz, icerocket, and technorati, as well as a downloadable app for mobile devices.  Webmasters of qualified websites can join the Affiliate Program, facilitating book sales (and earning sales commissions) from their own websites.  The philosophy of the business supports “Indie” publishers and is strong in its support of local businesses—a business model which has held up over a century and a half, even in the face of the proliferation of bookselling giants, e-readers, and online bookselling businesses.  Become a working part of the splendid tradition with your Books Inc. online application for employment.

 Books Inc. Jobs Available

Books Inc. locations employ knowledgeable booksellers who can help customers locate titles, facilitate interactions and events with authors, manage inventory, provide cheerful customer service, and support the logistics of online ordering and shipping.  If you’re up for the challenge, print a Books Inc. application form from the website and deliver it to your local store today.

Minimum Employment Age At Books Inc.:

The Books Inc. job application online is available to applicants who are at least eighteen years old.

Books Inc. Store Hours

Click the “Store Locations” link at the left side of the website’s menu bar to see the individual locations and determine their hours of operation.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Books Inc.

  • Click the “About Us” button of the menu bar on the website, then select the “411 & FAQ” option from the drop-down menu to read up on some basic information about the company, and to download your Books Inc. online application.
  • The company suggests that you download and print the Books Inc. job application form from the website and deliver it in person to the location where you wish to apply.  Even if there aren’t currently advertised positions available, the store will keep your application and resume on file for a full year.

Most Common Positions At Books Inc. & Income Information

The Books Inc. store locations employ sales associates who need to be well versed in customer service, searching for titles (both within the store and in the company’s online inventory) and making reading recommendations.  Managers oversee the employees and operations of each location, and existing employees who begin with a Books Inc. job application for an entry-level position may earn their way to a managerial position.

Books Inc. Benefits

Eligible employees enjoy the advantages of benefits including insurance for health care coverage, disability coverage for short-term and long-term, optional life insurance, retirement 401(K) savings plan, paid vacation plan, and (the favorite benefit of every book-lover) employee discounts within the company’s stores.  Secure a future with benefits and a bright outlook by turning in your Books Inc. application.

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