Chapters Indigo simply known as Chapters is Canada’s go to place when it comes to books. Originally founded in 1994, this company has grown tremendously in under two decades thanks to its merger with Indigo Books and Music. Chapters Indigo is not only a book store but also a seller of stationery, electronics, household items, games, toys and other entertainment items as well. That said: Chapters still remains as the dominating player when it comes to books and has tremendously helped grow the Canadian reading culture. It is also a big employer and provides a fun work environment. If you are looking to nab one of the many opportunities available at Chapters your best bet would be to make your way to the Chapters online application for employment.

 Chapters Jobs Available

Chapters application form can be found online in their careers page. They have a wonderful page that allows you to view their different employment sectors and there are no limited opportunities. Some of the jobs you can look into range from managerial to sales positions.

Minimum Employment Age at Chapters

Chapters job application online is available to people above 16 years old.

Chapters Store Hours

Chapters store locator is available in their home page and you can locate a store near you to find out their operating hours.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Chapters

  • In order to apply for a job, you need to go to Chapters online application platform. Here you will find various schedules to select from and these include: hourly or part time, full time, seasonal or salaried jobs.
  •  Select the job you find most suitable and choose the ‘apply online’ tab at the bottom of the page to access Chapters job application form. In order to begin your application process, you need to log in if you are registered member or create an account.
  • Chapters has technical requirements and you need to read through them as these touch on the operating system you are using.

Most Common Positions at Chapters & Income Information

Chapters is a big time employer and the site always has vacant job positions it is looking to fill up. You can try out your luck by filling their Chapters job application form. There are lots of positions to fill up and the good thing is that you can select your preferred field as well as location in order to view jobs within your location. You can select jobs on different categories based on your area of expertise and this could be entry level jobs in your profession, sales positions, team leader, supervisory and managerial roles as well.

Chapter Benefits

By filling out the Chapters application form, you are setting up yourself for a truly rewarding and thrilling career. There are vast areas of employment and it doesn’t matter whether you are a finance graduate looking to jumpstart your career or a high school student looking for a part time job, the opportunities are unlimited. When it comes to benefits, you will not be disappointed. All employees get good discounts on books and permanent employees are also rewarded with decent benefits such as medical, dental and the total rewards program amongst others. In a nut shell, Chapters is a good place to seek employment and one that places their employees in high regard.


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