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Follett Job Application Online

Folletthas been providing educational resources to schools around the country for over 135 years. The company was founded by Charles Barnes in his home, later moving to a small bookstore.  In 1901 C.W. Follett joined the company as a clerk.  Through two decades he held many positions in the company purchasing the company in 1923. The company owns the Follett chain of college bookstores.  Today the company is a 2.7 billion dollar privately-held company that provides products, solutions and services to the educational market place.  Follett has 7 different business divisions that touch people’s lives from grade school through college.  The long standing community commitment includes fundamental reading programs donating 1000’s of books for children.  The Follett Education Foundation has awarded more than $1 million dollars to employees to help further the dream of a college education.  To apply submit the Follett Jobs Application Online.

Follett Jobs Available

Follett has many positions varying from entry level to management.  Many of the college bookstores hire part time college students.   Check the website for job openings and local postings at the college.  Apply with a Follett Jobs Application Online.

Minimum Employment Age At Follett:

You must be 18 to work at Follett’s.  This company looks for Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability and honesty in their employees.

Follett Store Hours

With over 800 Follett Bookstores across the United States and Canada hours will vary from campus to campus.  Please check the online job application or the local college listing for each position. Apply with a Follett online application for employment.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Follett

  • Click onour link and then on the “Official Follett Application” link to access a Follett online application for either entry-level or management positions.
  • Once your application is received, someone from Follett Corporation will review and contact you.
  • Please check and double check your spelling and make sure all of your contact information is correct.
  • Read the website to become familiar with the Follett Corporation.  Make sure your application is defining what you do and what position you are looking for.  Always check the qualifications and apply only for what you are qualified for.
  • At the interview, always dress accordingly.  Clean slacks, button down or polo shirts for men.  Nice business attire for women.  No jeans or old sneakers. 
  • Make sure your hands nails and face are clean.
  • Use proper English; leave out the texting shortcuts and bad language.
  • Come to the interview alone.  Bringing a friend is frowned on by the employers.  If you need someone to bring you to the interview have them wait in the car.
  • Asking questions about the company which you have learned from reading the website
  • Shows good imitative and responsibility.
  • Ask things like where does the person interviewing you see the company going in the next 10 years.

Most Common Positions At Follett & Income Information

The Follett job application is the first step to enjoying a new career. The most common position would be in entry level sales and marketing.

Follett Benefits

Full time positions come with benefit packages in addition to competitive pay rates.  Follett offers part-time hours that will meet the needs of the employee.  To start your new career, fill out and send the Follett Jobs Application now.

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