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Hastings Job Application Online

Hastings Entertainment is a bookstore that carries DVDs, music as well as new and used books.  Hastings was founded in 1968 in Amarillo as a retail outlet and is now a publically traded company on NASDAQ.  John Marmaduke, CEO is leading Hastings into a new future with the addition of the online store and additional services.  The stores are called superstores because they are each about 24,000 square feet.   That means that the employees have a lot of space to cover and lots of people to help during busy hours.  There are over 146 stores in larger towns and smaller cities across the country.  There is also an internet store galled goHastings.    If so, start with a Hastings  online application for employment.

Hastings Jobs Available

Hastings is looking to add entry level and professional people most all times of year. Take advantage of the opportunity to join this company by submitting a Hastings job application online. Hastings is a great entry-level company for college level students who want to gain experience in the job market.  Entry level associates are expected to stock book shelves, restock misplaced items, and take cash.  Always anticipate that a drug test will be required when you apply for a large company.

Minimum Employment Age At Hastings:

The Hastings application form is open for those who are 18 years and older in most stores.  Check your local area for their specific age requirements

Hastings Store Hours

Hastings hours of operation are based on Central Standard Time.  They are open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hastings

  • The first step to achieving a job is to file the application.  Click on the link provided here to access a Hastings online application for either entry-level or management positions.  Check all your spelling, make certain that all blanks are filed in and that all phone numbers are working and correct.  Assume that all positions are going to demand that you take a drug test and that they are checking you out online.
  • Review the company’s website thoroughly so that you can ask questions that reflect your interest in their company.  You’ll be able to turn in a Hastings job application form with confidence that you’re prepared for an interview.
  • If you have the opportunity, go to your local Hastings store and take a look around.  You’ll have the opportunity to speak with the employees and ask how well they like working for this firm.
  • It is important to know and understand something about the company when you go for your interview.  Remember, the business is more interested in those who show a real interest in the company.  These are always the first people to get hired.

Most Common Positions At Hastings & Income Information

There are many entry-level and management positions open currently for you to begin a new career.  The Hastings job application is the first step to enjoying a new career.

Hastings Benefits

Some Hastings employees are able to qualify for retirement, 401k, paid time-off, and medical benefits.  Because Hastings is on the NASDAQ, employees may have the option to invest in the store with the company committing matching funds.  When you go for your interview, ask what benefits are available at that location.  Join the Hastings team with a Hastings application.


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