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LifeWay Job Application Online

LifeWay Christian Resources was founded in 1891 in Nashville, Tenn. As part of the Southern Baptist Convention.  LifeWay is one of the largest bookstores in the world providing all types of Christian products.  As is expected, LifeWay has a huge supply of Bibles in many languages.  They, also, provide church supplies, sermons, Christian music, videos and general reading books.  You can go online and join the Bible Study group online.  There are 165 LifeWay Christian stores around the U.S. where employees specialize in excellent customer service. If you share the values that are expressed by LifeWay, you may want to joinone of the LifeWayteams in your area.  If so, start with a LifeWay online application for employment.

LifeWayJobs Available

LifeWayis looking to add entry level and professional people that share a belief in Christ and their mission statement.  They are seeking to employee a variety of people at many locations including the conference center and the Ridgecrest Summer Camp sites.  If you want a career that encourages the Christian lifestyle, take advantage of the opportunity to join this company by submitting a LifeWay job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At LifeWay:

The LifeWay application form is open for those who are 16 years and older for some positions.

LifeWay Store Hours

LifeWay has a variety of business opportunities including publishing and each department and location sets its own hours of operation.  When applying, make sure to list the hours you are available.

Important Tips To Apply Online With LifeWay

  • The first step to achieving a job is to file the application.  Click on the link provided here to access a LifeWay online application for either entry-level or management positions.  Check all your spelling, make certain that all blanks are filed in and that all phone numbers are working and correct.  Assume that all positions are going to demand that you take a drug test and that they are checking you out online.
  • Because LifeWay prefers Christians as working partners, include any volunteer experience you have had that involved your church or other Christian associations.
  • Review the company’s website thoroughly so that you can ask questions that reflect your interest in their company.  You’ll be able to turn in a LifeWay job application form with confidence that you’re prepared for an interview.
  • When you are called in for an interview be on time.  It is always good to be 15 minutes early in case the interviewer had a cancellation or a last minute scheduling change.
  • When you are interviewed, make sure that you appear clean and neat.  Casual clothing is appropriate for the interview as long as it is neatly pressed and has no stains.  Wear shoes that are comfortable but not tennis shoes.  Ask what the dress code is during your interview.

Most Common Positions At LifeWay & Income Information

Entry-level positions with LifeWay focus customer service that goes beyond the norm expected in corporations today.  There are many entry-level and management positions open currently for you to begin a new lifestyle career.  The LifeWay job application is the first step to enjoying a new career.

LifeWay Benefits

Some LifeWay employees are able to qualify for retirement, 401k, paid time-off, and medical benefits.  When you go for your interview, ask what benefits are available at that location.  Join the LifeWayteam with a LifeWay application.

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