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Half Price Books Job Application Online

The first Half Price Books store opened in a redecorated Laundromat in Dallas in 1972>  Two friends Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson opened the store stocked with slightly read books, music and magazine that they and friends had collected.  Since then, Half Price Books remained a family owned business and has grown to more than 100 outlets across the country.  Sharon Anderson Wright, Pat Anderson’s daughter, is now the CEO and leading the company with the same philosophy that put Half Price Books on the map originally.  The company continues to expand.  Recently, Half Price Books opened stores in the Chicago, Omaha and Oklahoma City areas.  Recycling is still a prime consideration in this business’ operation and they buy and sell almost everything that is considered entertainment.  Management and employees, alike, support the local literacy groups and have been doing this with pride for over 30 years.  To join one of the Half Price Books teams in your area, start with a Half Price Books online application for employment.

Half Price Books is looking to add entry level and professional people that share a belief that customers are the most important ingredient in their restaurants. Take advantage of the opportunity to join this company by submitting a Half Price Books job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Half Price Books:

The Half Price Books application form is open to those who are 18years and older.

Half Price Books Store Hours

All Half Price Books stores are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Half Price Books

  • The first step to achieving a job is to file the application.  Click on the link provided here to access a Half Price Books online application for either entry-level or management positions.  Check all your spelling, make certain that all blanks are filed in and that all phone numbers are working and correct.  Assume that all positions are going demand that you take a drug test and that they are checking you out online.
  • If special requirements are needed for management positions, be certain that you meet those minimum requirements.
  • Because Half Price Books prefers some experience in working with the public, if you are just entering the job market for the first time include any volunteer experience you have had where you dealt with customer’s or the general public.
  • Review the company’s website thoroughly so that you can ask questions that reflect your interest in their company.  You’ll be able to turn in a Half Price Books job application form with confidence that you’re prepared for an interview.
  • When you are called in for an interview be calm but interested in the business of Half Price Books.  If you are a recycling advocate, mention it.

Most Common Positions At Half Price Books & Income Information

Entry-level positions with Half Price Books focus on customer service jobs.  This includes stocking shelves and assisting customers in locating the material that they are looking for.  The Half Price Books job application is the Fresh step to enjoying a new career.

Half Price Books Benefits

Some Half Price Books employees are able to qualify for retirement, 401k, paid time-off, and medical benefits.  When you go for your interview, ask what benefits are available at that location.  Join the Half Price Books team with a Half Price Books application.


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