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Schuler Books and Music
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Schuler Books and Music
Job Application Online

The first Schuler Books was opened in 1982 in Grand Rapids Michigan. It was opened by a couple whose dream was to connect writers and readers throughout Michigan. They were both avid readers and interested in community involvement, and opening their own bookstore gave them the means to realize their goals. Today, the establishment has become known as Schuler Books and Music, and features books, media, and unique gifts, as well as a full service café. There are now five locations throughout Michigan, and there are hopes to further expand. They also have a very successful website. To join this amazing establishment, start by filling out and submitting a Schuler Books and Music online application for employment.

Schuler Books and Music Jobs Available

Schuler Books and Music is always looking for people who love books, provide excellent customer service, and are friendly and outgoing. Positions available will vary by location and time of the year. There may be hourly or salary positions available, although most positions will be hourly. To learn about opportunities with the company and take advantage of openings contact your nearest location and fill out a Schuler Books and Music application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Schuler Books and Music:

The minimum age to fill out and submit a Schuler Books and Music job application online is eighteen.

Schuler Books and Music
Store Hours

Most locations are open at nine in the morning, and are open until nine or ten at night. Hours are different on the weekends. To discover store hours for your nearest location, visit the website and click on the link for hours and locations. You will find all of the information for store hours for each location there.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Schuler Books and Music

  • Go to the website and click on the opportunities link. You will find it in the middle of the page on the left hand column. There you will discover instructions on how to fill out and submit a Schuler Books and Music online application.
  • To make the most of your Schuler Books and Music application form, be certain that you know about the company’s history, goals and products before you ever step foot in the location with your resume. You will be able to interview on the spot in many cases, and you will want to be prepared to discuss the company. The more knowledgeable you are about the company and their offerings, the better your interview will go.

Most Common Positions At Schuler Books and Music
& Income Information

The most common positions at Schuler Books and Music are hourly positions. These positions include stockers, sales clerks, and other positions. The exact positions that are available can be discovered by visiting your local store location. You can also discover more information on potential income from these positions when you visit. It is important, however, when you submit your Schuler Books and Music job application that you consider the fact that your pay will likely be based on experience.

Schuler Books and Music

The exact benefits offered by Schuler Books and Music are not well publicized. However, common benefits that you may enjoy in these positions include paid vacation and medical insurance. Not all employees will be eligible for benefits, such as part time employees. However, full time employees who have been with the company for a certain amount of time may be eligible for benefits. To learn more about the benefits available, submit a Schuler Books and Music application today.

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