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Planet Beach Application – Apply Online At Planet Beach Today

Planet Beach Job Application Online

Have you ever had a horrible week and just needed to get away from it all?  If so, then you might decide to spend a day at a local spa.  Today, Planet Spa meets the health and relaxation needs of thousands of people in the United States.  If you are interested in working in this kind of setting and helping others let go of their daily problems, you should fill out a  Planet Beach job application.

 Planet Beach  Jobs Available

If you are interested in working for Planet Beach, there are a number of opportunities for new hires at both entry and managerial levels. Simply fill out the Planet Beach application form in order to be considered for the following positions: customer and sales associate, administrative support, beauty advisor, spa manager, and assistant manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Planet Beach:

Individuals that are interested in starting a career at Planet Beach must be at least 18 years old before they can fill out the Planet Beach job application form.

Planet Beach Store Hours

When you work for Planet Beach, your hours will usually start between 8 am and 10 am Monday through Saturday, and then end between 7 and 10 pm.  Individuals that are willing to work on Sunday usually have hours between 12 pm and 5 pm.  That said, if you are hired as a cleaner or some other type of after hours attendant, your shift will usually fall outside of these hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Planet Beach

As with a number of other spa oriented companies, you will not be able to find a  Planet Beach job application online.  You can make inquiries via the website, or visit a local spa in order to make inquiries. If you decide to go to a local outlet you should be dressed and ready for an interview. You should also bring along an updated resume that includes contemporary keywords to describe your skills.  While you are preparing to fill out the Planet Beach application you should also make it a good point to have a positive and upbeat demeanor.

Most Common Positions At Planet Beach & Income Information

Even though Planet Beach offers a number of fun and exciting positions, most people seeking a  Planet Beach online application for employment ask to be considered for management positions.  That said, if you have a degree in cosmetology, or have a knack for helping people reduce stress levels, you should consider applying for jobs where you can use these skills.

Planet Beach Benefits

In general, Planet Beach offers wages and benefits that match industry standards.  This includes health insurance, 401k, life insurance, and paid time off.  You will also be paid for any training time required.  Many people also enroll in Planet Beach’s health flex account in order to enjoy additional savings on health care.

To visit Planet Beach’s website click here.

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