Drug Store Jobs

Have you ever thought about how nice it is to work in a drug store?  The store is always conditioned.  It stocks up on candy, soft goods like plastic containers and party supplies, sells over the counter drugs, cosmetics and photo supplies.  There is also a great job of assisting the pharmacist, which means filling prescriptions, typing and printing out labels, and learning a facet of the medical field.

In a drug store you can get a drug store job as a cashier, stocker, or photo assistant.  There may be a small photo studio used to make passport portraits or develop customer’s film. Most drug stores also serve snacks and health aids, like cushiony insoles for shoes, athletic aids and so on.  Many women find a large selection of cosmetics, perfumes, bath oils and other beauty products in a well stocked and maintained cosmetic section of the drug store.  There is usually one cosmetic store manager and at least one helper.  They may perform make-over’s to customers who are trying to create an all new look.

Another excellent position within a drug store is pharmaceutical assistant.  If you are not a professional pharmacist, you may start in this entry level position with little or no experience.  This person helps fill prescriptions, distribute pills, and assist the pharmacist.  With time, you will learn the ropes, and be paid to do so!  This can be an excellent opportunity for someone who can memorize the names of the medicine and patiently learn.  The work is not so difficult, and when you work in the pharmacy day in and day out, some of the terminology will naturally rub off on you. If you are good at math and science this is also a plus, but not necessary.  The main thing is to be reliable andwilling to learn.

A drug store is a very pleasant and professional retail environment.  The need for some drugs is a part of life.  Almost every home stocks up on cold and flu medicine, aspirin, pain pills for minor aches and pains and for athletic injuries.  The basic fact is that pharmaceutical firms are here to stay, and a job in a drug store provides a steady, enjoyable environment.

Those who find jobs in a drug store, particularly those working as a pharmacy technician, can use the slower times to supplement their study time.  Being in an environment like this is good for students, especially those with a career in medicine or science, including pharmaceuticals.

The rate of pay in a drug store is usually a little better than minimum wage.  Most stores have a policy of promoting from within and reward their employees who show promise with regular pay rate increases.  There are also some companies that are willing to help finance a degree in pharmaceuticals, so if this field interests you; it is a great opportunity to pursue.

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