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Casa Camacho Job Application Online

Drug stores provide an excellent working environment for both entry-level positions, as well as qualified pharmacists and corporate associates. If you would like to work at Casa Camacho pharmacy, you can complete a Casa Camacho job application form online by contacting Casa Camacho at the Laboratorios Camacho website.

Completing the Casa Camacho online application form could be your first step to join the exciting pharmacy industry, so don’t delay – do it today!

Casa Camacho Jobs Available

Casa Camacho has many jobs available for both entry-level positions and more experienced jobs that require some qualifications and experience. The positions available at Casa Camacho include:

Customer Service Representative, Pharmacy Technician, Sales Associate, Maintenance Technician, Pharmacist, Cashier, Assistant Pharmacy Manager, Shift Supervisor, Genera Pharmacy Manager.

All of these jobs can be applied for online by completing the Casa Camacho online application for employment, so if you are interested in any of these positions, be sure to contact Casa Camacho at the Laboratorios Camacho site.

Minimum Employment Age At Casa Camacho:

You have to be at least 18 years old to work at Casa Camacho.

Casa Camacho Store Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm

Sat:      9am – 6pm

Sun:     10am – 2pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Casa Camacho

Whether you are looking for a permanent, long-term career in the pharmacy business, or you are fresh out of college or looking for a job to fill your Summer holidays, working at Casa Camacho drug store could be the perfect job option for you. Your journey to a career at Casa Camacho starts with the Casa Camacho application form, now available online to make it quick, easy and convenient to apply.

Because Casa Camacho was founded in order to provide pharmacy services to Spanish-speaking immigrants to the United States, they prefer prospective employees who are either bi-lingual or entirely Spanish speaking. You should therefore complete your Casa Camacho job application in Spanish if at all possible.

In addition, you should list details of your previous work experience and contact numbers of any referees you may have in case your potential employers would like to contact them to determine whether you will be a suitable employee. Also ensure that you include information on why you are best suited for the job you are applying for on your Casa Camacho application.

Finally, remember to sign your application form once it is complete – this lends a sense of professionalism to the document that is sure to stand you in good stead in the competitive job market.

Most Common Positions At Casa Camacho & Income Information

Following are a list of some common positions available at Casa Camacho, and the average yearly income for each position.

Assistant Manager:     $32, 000 / year

Pharmacy Technician:             $26,  000 / year

Sales Associate:          $22, 000 / year

Shift Supervisor:         $31, 000 / year

Customer Service Representative:      $25, 000 / year

General Pharmacy Manager:   $38, 000 / year

Cashier:           $17, 000 / year

Casa Camacho Benefits

Casa Camacho offers a generous benefits package to all its qualified employees. Benefits that are offered include a competitive salary and flexible shift work schedules, as well as medical insurance, a dental and vision plan, optional life insurance cover, short and long term disability insurance, a 401k retirement savings plan, opportunities for advancement to management positions and paid vacation leave

To gain access to these great benefits, and to advance in your career choice, contact Casa Camacho and fill in a Casa Camacho application today!

Laboratorios Camacho careers website:

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