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CVS Application – Apply Online At CVS Today

CVS Job Application Online  CVS accepts direct applications only.  Use the above link to fill out your CVS application online, where you can find a job which interests you within your qualifications.  CVS hires both entry level and qualified professionals.  On the job training is available for most entry-level positions.

Minimum Employment Age At CVS: 16

CVS Store Hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Important Tips To Apply Online With CVS

As always we advise you to fill out a CVS job application form online and bring it in person. CVS applications are always best received in the stores where you can speak to the people directly who are in position to hire you. Simply filling out CVS online application does not leave as powerful an impression because that is what most everyone else does.  Take your job application for CVS seriously.

Additional tips promoted by CVS employees who have succeeded in passing the interview process suggest the following:  being on time or early for the interview, having good grades in school, smiling, and answering the interviewer’s questions politely and clearly.  Be sure to fill out your application without spelling errors or grammatical errors.  Have a friend look it over for you and then double check it before you bring it in.  In a competitive work force, small things can make a big difference.  Be sure that your application is also signed and dated.

To significantly increase your chances of being hired at CVS read 7 Secrets To Getting Hired.

Most Common Positions At CVS & Income Information

Filling out a CVS application online is a good idea for many students, because the minimum age is only 16.  The store has three work shifts, part time and full time positions, so many job applications for CVS positions are required and processed regularly.

Most entry level employees, after filling out an online application for CVS employment, are given Sales Associate positions.  These are support a position paying close to minimum wage, but if the worker is hard working and shows potential and is serious in his or her job, regular salary increases will be given.

A Sales Associate in the Pharmacy will assist the Pharmacist, help run the cash register, stock shelves and assist wherever needed.  A CVS application form for the Pharmacy Department will help put the new applicant in the right place at the right time for advancement in a Pharmaceutical career.  CVS is a serious player in the Pharmaceutical industry, and the sky can be the limit for those who are willing to work and apply themselves.

For those interested in cosmetics and beauty products, a CVS job application form for the position of Beauty Sales Associate is a desirable position.  This individual stocks the cosmetic counters and assists customers in making purchases.  With time, the position may be advanced to a Beauty 360 Consultant.

The CVS job application form for Photo Lab associate will give the employee a support position in the Photography Department.  He or she will have direct contact with customers who wish to pick up family photographs, buy batteries and order photo enlargements.

Of all the departments, the Pharmacy provides the most promising fast-track career path.  A Pharmacy Technician may earn between $9-$12 per hour depending upon need and location.

Specific job positions within the CVS framework include:  Shift Supervisor, Sales Associate, Pharmacy Service Associate, Beauty 360 Consultant, Photo Lab Associate, Customer Service Associate, Pharmacy Technician, Cashier, Pharmacy Technician, Technical Support Representative, Over Night Shift Supervisor, Pharmacy Supervisor, Over Night Shift Supervisor, Pharmacist, Assistant Manager, Over Night Shift Supervisor, Store Manager, Security, Customer Care Representative, Administrative Assistant, Customer Care Representative, Summer Pharmacy Intern, Maintenance Mechanic, and Medical Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Mechanic, Beauty Care Associate.

Professional positions in Administration, Mechanics, Security, Accounting, Pharmaceutical and Management are frequently available, so be sure to job-search for your location on the link at the top of the page.  This is even more reason to fill a CVS jobs application.

Management positions include store manager, assistant manager, pharmacy supervisor and shift supervisor.   Managers are responsible for the scheduling and motivating of employees, hiring, supervising, and overseeing the daily operations at the store.  Educational reimbursement is available in most cases, as well as courses toward certification.  Depending on the title, previous experience and store location, managers can make anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000 per year.

Due to the large variety and various positions available within the CVS network, it’s safe to say:  be it Pharmacy or Retail, entry level or professional, full time or part time, CVS has a job for you!

CVS Benefits

Top scale pay, regular pay raises, flexible scheduling, and on-the job training are some of the top reasons why filling out a CVS employment application is a practical and intelligent career move. CVS is a leader in the drug store industry.

A medical, dental, visual, disability and life insurance package is available to qualified employees, as well as a 401(k) retirement plan, Employee stock purchase plan, and flexible savings plan.  Educational reimbursement, employee assistance and merchandise discounts are also available.

Educational reimbursement is especially helpful for those online applicants for CVS Pharmacy Department who wish to pursue their medical studies but are unable to do so financially. Professional employees like Administrative Assistants, Managers and others can continue with computer training and completing related studies while working a compatible CVS work schedule.

Helpful Things To Know About CVS

CVS conveniently offers reasonably priced generic brands goods and over the counter medications at a competitive price.  Other goods include candies, snacks, soda and basic stationery items at moderate prices.  Most stores also provide photo processing and knowledgeable cosmetic consultation.  The stores are open 24 hours a day, making it easy for customers to develop brand loyalty without considering alternative competitors.

CVS is a strong environmental protection supporter, actively taking part in recycling and is working hard to eliminate the carbon footprint problem of many mass-producers.  CVS encourages a waste-not, want not philosophy.  The firm encourages and educates its employees to pro-actively take part in recycling programs.

CVS has pledged to donate 25 million dollars a year for a period of five years to help provide a better quality of life for those children who suffer with disabilities.   Through the All Kids Can program, CVS funds support the communities where in the stores operate.  CVS annually donates research funding at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Boston Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic.

CVS History And Trivia

  • CVS is among the major Pharmaceutical companies in the U.S.
  • Started in 1963 by two brothers, Stanley and Sydney Goldstein, they opened their first CVS store in Lowell, MA.  One year later, in 1964, there were 17 stores.  The chain continues to grow, and today there are 7000 CVS located in the United States and internationally.
  • In 2007, CVS teamed up with Caremark.  The CVS network employs approximately 80,000 people in 45 states and the Puerto Rican territory.
  • In 2010, CVS opened its first international store in San Juan, capital city of Puerto Rico.  In only a year’s time, an additional seven CVS stores in the country have been opened and operate in several Puerto Rican cities, providing 400 new jobs to Puerto Ricans.
  • CVS trades on the NASDAQ, S&P, DIJA, and NYSE stock exchange.  Annual earnings are estimated at around $55 billion.

CVS’ main headquarters are located at Woonsocket, RI

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