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Eckerd Job Application Online

Eckerd Corporation is a popular pharmacy brand, with more than 2800 states in the US – in 2004, Eckerd was eventually sold to Rite Aid pharmacy group and is not a subsidiary of Rite Aid. If you would like to be part of one of the biggest pharmacy groups in the United States, you should apply for a job online by completing an Eckerd online application for employment. (Now Rite Aid)

Although since Eckerd has been sold to Rite Aid, the Eckerd job application form is no longer available, all Eckerd stores have been converted to Rite Aid and so you can still technically complete an Eckerd job application form by accessing the Rite Aid careers website.

Eckerd Jobs Available

Being a massive pharmacy chain Eckerd/Rite Aid sells a huge variety of products, from prescription and over the counter drugs to drinks, snacks and photo services. As a result, Eckerd / Rite Aid have a wide range of jobs available. All of these jobs can be applied for by completing and Eckerd application form on the Rite Aid website.

Job positions available include:

Shift Supervisor, Cashier, Manager-in-Training, Assistant Store Manager, Co-Manager, General Store Manager, Student Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, International Pharmacy Intern, Local Pharmacy Intern, Pharmacist, Overnight Shift Supervisor, Customer Relationship Marketing Analyst, Field Technician, Merchandise Supervisor, Benefits Specialist, Forklift Operator, Administrative Assistant, Maintenance Mechanic, Merchandiser, Loss Prevention Manager, Operations Manager, Regional Pricing Specialist, Human Resources Clerk

All of these jobs can be applied for using an Eckerd online application.

Minimum Employment Age At Eckerd:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Eckerd.

Eckerd Store Hours

Although opening hours vary according to location, typical operating hours are:

7 days a wekk, 8am – 10pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Eckerd

Now that Eckerd has been bought out by Rite Aid, the Eckerd job application form no longer exists, but you can apply for a job at any of the previous Eckerd locations and complete an Eckerd application form by visiting the Rite Aid career website. Once on the site, you can browse for available jobs at the location closest to you, and apply for the position you are interested in.

When applying for the position, make sure to take your time when completing your application form, so that you come across in a professional manner, and appear to be an excellent prospective employee that will do things thoroughly if hired. This will stand you in good stead for the next stages of the hiring process, namely the interview.

Most Common Positions At Eckerd & Income Information

Following are the average salaries for the most common positions that were available at Eckerd.

Store Manager:            $63, 000 / year

Assistant Manager:     $29, 000 / year

Pharmacy Technician:             $25, 000 / year

Customer Service Associate: $20, 000 / year

Cashier:           $20, 000 / year

Eckerd Benefits

Working at Rite Aid (formerly Eckerd) comes with a wide range of job perks. Qualified associated may be eligible for benefits such as a 401k retirement savings plan, paid vacation leave, medical insurance including dental and vision plans, optional life insurance options and many more.

Rite Aid Careers Site:

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