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EPIC Pharmacies Application – Apply Online At EPIC Pharmacies Today

EPIC Pharmacies Job Application Online

EPIC pharmacies is a network of independently owned pharmacies that co-operate in order to increase their buying power, get volume buying discounts, have access to third-party contacts, and access the EPIC managed care solutions, while still maintaining control over their own businesses.

If you would like a job at any of the pharmacies that are members of the EPIC pharmacy network, you can complete an EPIC pharmacies online application for employment at each one of the independent pharmacy’s careers website.

EPIC Pharmacies Jobs Available

There are a number of both part-time and full-time job positions available at EPIC pharmacies across the country, all of which can be applied for completing an EPIC pharmacies job application form. Jobs available may differ according to the location you are interested in, but as a general guide, the positions available at EPIC pharmacies across the country include:

Cashier, Sales Associate, Pharmacy Technician, Maintenance Technician, Pharmacist, Assistant Pharmacy Manager, General Pharmacy Manager.

You can access the EPIC Pharmacies online application to discover what positions are available at the EPIC Pharmacy closest to you, whether they are full or part time positions, and when would be the best time to complete and drop off an EPIC pharmacies job application.

Minimum Employment Age At EPIC Pharmacies:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at EPIC pharmacies.

EPIC Pharmacies Store Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm

Sat:      9am – 6pm

Sun:     Closed.

Important Tips To Apply Online With EPIC Pharmacies

The EPIC Pharmacies application form could be your first step in the direction of a positive, exciting career path in the drug store industry, by being part of a popular pharmaceutical distribution group. EPIC pharmacies have over 1400 stores located in 26 states, so chances are there is an EPIC pharmacy near you!

When completing your EPIC Pharmacies application form, you should take your time and ensure that it is completed thoroughly and professionally. Do not leave out any information on the form, as all of it is necessary so that your prospective employers can assess whether you will be suitable for the job for which you are applying. Always check through your online application before submitting it, to make sure that you have not made any glaring spelling and grammar mistakes, which are sure to give your employer a poor initial impression of you.

Finally, don’t forget to sign your form once you have completed it.

Most Common Positions At EPIC Pharmacies & Income Information

Following are some of the most common positions at EPIC pharmacies, as well as their average yearly salaries.

Pharmacy Technician:             $24, 000 / year

Cashier:           $23, 000 / year

Hour Photo Technician:          $21, 000 / year

Sales Clerk:     $19, 500 / year

Pharmacy Manager:    $53, 000 / year

EPIC Pharmacies Benefits

EPIC pharmacies provide both it’s members as well as its employees with excellent work benefits. Besides good yearly salaries and hourly rates, all employees at EPIC Pharmacies have access to flexible working hours and paid, on-the-job training. More qualified EPIC Pharmacies Associates may have access to a more substantial employee benefits package, which includes:

Medical insurance options, a vision and dental plan, paid vacation leave, paid sick days, optional life insurance coverage and a 401(k) retirement savings plan, with employer contribution.

If you are looking for an exciting job, working with motivated and dedicated individuals, that offers generous job benefits and competitive salaries, then complete an EPIC Pharmacies application at your soonest convenience.

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