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Kinney Drugs Application – Apply Online At Kinney Drugs Today

Kinney Drugs Job Application Online

If you are looking for a great career opportunity, then look no further – Kinney Drugs is now hiring for both full- and part-time positions at chains across New York and Vermont, and application is now easier than ever with the introduction of the Kinney Drugs online application for employment.

Now you can complete a Kinney Drugs job application form online at the Kinney Drugs careers website, allowing you to apply for a job without even leaving the comfort of your office chair.

Kinney Drugs is a well known chain of retail pharmacies situated in the states of New York and Vermont. It provides consumers with good quality, affordable products, including prescription medications, over the counter medications and daily essentials such as toiletries and photo services. Kinney Drugs is well known for its knowledgeable, approachable staff, so if you fit the bill, you should download a Kinney Drugs online application now.

Kinney Drugs Jobs Available

Kinney Drugs has a number of job positions available. Some jobs are suitable for most job applicants and do not require any previous work experience or specialized training, while others require qualifications and work experience. Although positions currently available will differ from location to location, some of the jobs offered at Kinney Drugs are:

Cashier, Sales Associate, Store Associate, Human Resources Manager, Pharmacy Technician, Qualified Pharmacist, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Pharmacy Manager, General Pharmacy Manager.

Any one of these positions could be your future dream job, so enquire about vacancies at your local Kinney Drugs, and download a Kinney Drugs job application form to get you started.

Minimum Employment Age At Kinney Drugs

You must be 18 years old or older to work at Kinney Drugs.

Kinney Drugs Store Hours

Mon – Fri: 8am – 9pm

Sat and Sun:    8.30am – 6pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Kinney Drugs

The Kinney Drugs application form could be your entry into the exciting, challenging work of a retail pharmacy employee, with focus on providing excellent customer service and really making a difference in the lives of others. If this sounds like a good career path for you, completing the Kinney Drugs job application should be a task that is not undertaken lightly.

As you application form is going to be the first piece of information that your possible employer at Kinney Drugs is going to get of you, you should ensure that you do your best to complete the form thoroughly and with due attention to detail. Check your Kinney Drugs application once you have completed it to make sure you have not left out anything important or have made any serious spelling mistakes, as these will come across as unprofessional.

Also make sure that you have attached any relevant information, such as a resume listing prior work experience, a summary of any special skills or additional qualifications you may have, references and education information. Don’t hold back – fill in anything that you feel is relevant, as in today’s competitive job industry, small things may just give you the edge!

Most Common Positions At Kinney Drugs & Income Information

Following are some of the most common positions available at Kinney Drugs, with their average annual salaries.

Sales Associate: $23, 000 / year

Cashier: $23, 000 / year

Assistant Pharmacy Manager:  $39, 000 / year

General Pharmacy Manage:  $51, 000 / year

Kinney Drugs Benefits

Kinney Drugs provides many of its employees with a substantial benefits package, including benefits such as competitive annual salaries, flexible schedules, a 401k retirement savings plan with employer contribution, medical insurance, discounts on prescription medication and pharmacy products, a flexible spending account, paid time off, life insurance options and short- and long-term disability cover.

To visit Kinney Drugs website click here.

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