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Walgreens Application – Apply Online At Walgreens Today

Walgreens Application Online:

Walgreens does not currently offer a printable Walgreens job application. If you would like to apply to a position at Walgreens, you will need to complete the Walgreens online application. Positions for Full-Time or Part-Time work will vary by store location.

Job Positions Available at Walgreens

The positions offered at most store locations include Store Manager, Store Team Lead, Retail Management Trainee, Reset Clerk, Sales Associate, Beauty Advisor, Service Clerk, Revision Clerk, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Data Entry Specialist, Pharmacy Manager, Assistant Manager, and more. Position availability varies by store location.

Minimum Employment Age at Walgreens

You must be at least 16 years to fill out a Walgreen’s appliaction.  A work permit is required depending on state law

Walgreens Hours of Operation

Monday-Sunday: 8:00AM-10:00PM

Important Tips to Apply with Walgreens

Walgreens is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on sex, age, race, military, or religious affiliations.

Most Common Positions at Walgreens and Income Information

All Walgreens applications can be found on the Walgreens website. The most common positions that Walgreens hires to staff store locations are entry-level employees and professional associates. Walgreens continually needs to hire both people for Part-Time and Full-Time work. If you are interested in working at Walgreens, then use the Walgreens application to start the employment process now.

Sales Associate positions, also known as team members, at Walgreens will share various tasks including working as cashiers, stock clerks, cosmetics clerks, and photo clerks. Some of the main job requirements include helping customers, restocking shelves, and completing projects assigned by the manager. Walgreens team members will start being paid between minimum wage and $10 per hour. Pay rate is determined by location, experience, and job position. This is explained on Walgreens site under the Walgreens application for employment online section.

Management positions at Walgreens include the store manager, department manager, pharmacy manager, assistant manager, and shift lead positions. These positions will be responsible for scheduling employees, training new hires, hiring new employees to fill empty positions, and manage day-to-day operations. Depending on the Walgreens job title, department, and previous management experiences, management employees can expect to earn a yearly starting salary between $25,000 and $60,000.  To apply for a management position you will need the Management Walgreens job application form.

Pharmacy positions at Walgreens include pharmacy techs, pharmacists, and pharmacy interns. It is also possible to work in the corporate offices as data entry specialists or to fill high-level corporate positions. Use the Walgreens employment application form now to see if you are the right fit for a job at Walgreens.

Walgreens Benefits

All employees of Walgreens, even entry-level positions, are welcome to take part in the benefits program. Walgreens has some of the most competitive benefits in the drug store industry. Such benefits include paid job training, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay within the industry. Additional work benefits are available to eligible Walgreens employees. These eligible employees can enjoy health and wellness programs, future planning bonuses, and other employment benefits. The benefits programs at Walgreens are highly competitive with other comparable industry leaders.

Health Benefits: The health and wellness benefits that are offered by Walgreens help employees cover certain medical expenses. These plans include medical, dental, and prescription drug plans. Additionally, workers may sign up for a healthcare flexible spending account if they choose.

401(k) Plan: Walgreens does its best to help employees prepare for retirement and unforeseen events. Eligible Walgreens employees can sign up for 401(k) retirement programs and employee stock purchase programs. These same employees may enroll in life and disability insurance plans if they feel the need for such coverage.

There are other benefits available to Walgreens workers. Eligible employees will receive vacation and sick days, as well as bereavement leave. Workers also earn discounts on Walgreens products, merchandise, and services. Jury Duty pay is also available. You can learn more about this when you apply in person, as we always advise, and give them your Walgreen’s application form.

Helpful Things to Know about Walgreens

Many Walgreens stores serve the community with trained pharmacists, pharmacy services, and other related goods and services. Stores carry various items such as food and beverages, candy, cosmetics, personal goods, and over-the-counter medication. Typically, Walgreens will operate separate photo centers and cosmetic counters. Some Walgreens locations offer passport photos.

The company does its best to give back to the local communities that support the organization. Donations are made to both local and national charitable organizations. Walgreens matches employee donations to various charitable organizations of the employee’s choice. Walgreens promotes and supports local outreach and education programs that are geared towards healthy living.
Walgreen is currently a publicly traded company which trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘WAG’. There are over 8,000 company owned stores in operation and approximately 250,000 workers employed at any given time. Duane Reade, a subsidiary of Walgreens, is primarily based in New York City. The Duane Reade corporate headquarters is based in Manhattan. Walgreens Corporation operates out of Chicago, IL. The average yearly revenue reported by Walgreens is $67 billion dollars.

In 2008, Walgreens opened its first international location in Puerto Rico. The company took over 20 existing locations from the Puerto Rican pharmacy, Farmacias El Amal. As of May 2011, Walgreens operated out of the United States and Puerto Rico. It has plans to grow the brand further and possibly expand to other international locations in the future.

Walgreens is dedicated to decreasing its environmental impact. In 2009, Walgreens opened its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design compliant store. The company uses reduced usage lighting and water fixtures in order to reduce its carbon footprint.

Walgreens History and Trivia

Walgreens opened its very first location in 1901. This store was opened in Chicago, IL by founder Charles R. Walgreen. The store saw its first success in a delivery program started by Mr. Walgreen. Walgreens took pride in delivering orders extremely fast. This was accomplished when Mr. Walgreen would repeat orders back to customers loud enough over the phone so that store clerks could hear and gather the merchandise. Often times, customers close to the store actually received their orders before ending their phone call with the store pharmacist!

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