Furniture Store Jobs

If you are good at color and style matchmaking, why not look online for a furniture store job?  A career as a furniture store salesperson can be both creative and fun. It is one of the most popular retail jobs.

A furniture store job is for someone who can size up the buyer’s taste preferences and help him or her find a piece of furniture which will suit their personality.    After all, each and every home needs plenty of furniture.  There are armors for adults and children’s rooms, fancy desks, work chairs, easy chairs, dining room furniture, kitchen cabinets, closet and TV room wall organizing pieces.  Then there is the question of style, dimensions and material the customer likes like wood, plastic, or metal.  Then there are different wood tones, colors and styles.  There are modern, traditional, classic, English style, American style, Asian style and Western style.  There are ethnic designs, formal, traditional, modern, futuristic, and more.

You will become an expert at making recommendations which will help your customers arrive at a decision which is best for them and even be able to recommend combinations that they might not have thought of.  If you are good at coordinating your own wardrobe and have an eye for which things look good together, you would probably do well at a furniture store job.

The furniture salesperson has to have a good rapport with customers and be perceptive and intuitive.  Like a person who sells clothing, it is not too difficult to see that an older person would probably not choose a beanbag chair to sit in, nor would a young student probably need a fancy cherry wood dining room set.  There is a budget range for everyone.  There are great lounge furniture choices of leather or leather-like materials which help families with young children keep clean and nice looking without making a huge investment.

You, as the salesperson can make recommendations.  In most cases, those who sell a certain level of furniture are eligible to receive a commission on sales, which is a boost to your income.

Furniture sales jobs are not terribly physically demanding. Sometimes it is quiet, other times it can be quite busy.  No matter whether you have many customers or only a few, you will be paid.  This gives you time to get to know the style names, furniture brands, which models are of higher quality, better constructed or more economically priced.  It is a nice friendly and professional place to work for anyone with a love of color, fabric and design, and you can learn as much as you like.  This knowledge can only help you wisely improve your own interior design knowledge for yourself and others and along the way, improve your own home with the pieces you find at your furniture store job!

Most positions are entry level, meaning that they don’t require any prior experience.  Applying for a furniture store job is a good idea for a student or young mother.  At a furniture store, there are both part time and full time positions.  Full time employees receive pay plus benefits, including medical, and possibly dental and visual health insurance benefits.  Almost all employees at furniture stores receive a generous discount on their personal purchases.  Folks in the know agree – it is a wise decision to find a job at a furniture store.  Bring in your online application and you will be glad that you did!

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