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Badcock Furniture Application – Apply Online At Badcock Furniture Today

Badcock Furniture Job Application Online

Submit a Badcock Furniture online application if you enjoy working in the retail industry or if you are interested in home decoration. Babcock Furniture stores sell not only a wide range of furniture, but home accessories, electronics, appliances and mattresses.  They sell both brand and off-brand goods geared towards ordinary people who want a nice looking home. Of their more than 300 stores across eight states, more than 80% are individually owned. A career with Badcock could lead you into retail and sales, or up the ladder to managerial and corporate jobs. If you dream of owning your own store one day, Badcock might be the company in which to become invested.

Badcock Furniture Jobs Available

In-store jobs available through a Badcock Furniture job application may include Store Associates, Sales Associates, Store Managers, and jobs working in receiving, design or inventory.  You should have the ability to learn about the store’s inventory and to help customers make their choices, or to be able to supervise other employees successfully. This work requires being on  your feet throughout a shift, interacting with many different kinds of people, following instructions, and maintaining a friendly, polite demeanor.

Minimum Employment Age At Badcock Furniture:

You should be at least 18 to consider aBadcock Furniture application. Although not all jobs require experience or training, managerial and supervisory positions do.

Badcock Furniture Store Hours

Store are open Monday through Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm and Sunday,9:00am-5:00pm, though employees may work in off-hours stocking shelves, taking inventory, et cetera.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Badcock Furniture

Whenever possible, turning in an application in person is best. A Badcock Furniture application form is not available for printing, so you may fill it out and submit it online instead. Badcock managers are looking for employees who are motivated, intelligent and polite, with strong people skills.  They will want to know that you have the ability to work well with others, that you can learn quickly, and that you have an interest in home furnishings. Try to reflect these things on your Badcock Furniture job application form.

You should always show up well dressed for an interview, wearing business casual or business dress. Maintain eye contact, smile and answer questions specifically but briefly. Always be honest, both on paper and in person, since it is far better to tell the truth about mistakes you’ve made than to lie about them and have the lie discovered.

Most Common Positions At Badcock Furniture & Income Information

The majority of entry-level jobs available through a Badcock Furniture job application online are for Store Associates. Your job will be to assist customers, ring up sales and organize the inventory and the store. They offer good pay to those who work hard, with opportunities for further advancement within the company.

Badcock Furniture Benefits

Badcock Furniture takes pride in being a family-owned, family oriented business. Enjoy flexible hours, competitive benefit packages and a pleasant work environment. If you enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis, and especially if you enjoy helping people, then consider a Badcock Furniture online application for employment. Whether you need seasonal work or  a life-long career, you might find what you’re looking for at Badcock Furniture.

To visit Badcock Furniture’s website click here.

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