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Relax the Back Job Application Online

Relax the Back’s first store opened its doors to customers in 1984. The company is all about caring for one’s back. Their business proposal is that people spend a significant amount of their day working and most of these jobs are office based, as a result many people suffer from back and posture problems and need help with them. Relax the Back offers furniture that can help people improve their posture and the company requires people who can help the customers to decide on the product. The company is expanding and is on the lookout to hire energetic and customer oriented individuals. If you feel that you are capable of thriving in a customer oriented environment, then you should apply for a job with Relax the Back.

Relax the Back Jobs Available

Application for a job with Relax the Back can be submitted for one of the following positions,Accountant, Key Holder, Assistant Store Manager, Sales Associate, Stock Room Associate, General Store Manager, Sales Manager, Financial Analyst, Loss Prevention Associate, Loss Prevention Manager, Business Analyst, Tax Analyst and Human Resources Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Relax the Back:

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for employment with Relax the Back.

Relax the Back Store Hours

The store hours differ depending on the day. From Mondays to Wednesdays the store is open from 10am to 7pm and from Thursdays to Saturdays it is open from 10am to 8pm. Sundays, the store is only open for a limited time period of 12pm to 5pm.

Depending on demand, extended store hours may or may not be introduced during the holiday season.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Relax the Back

  • There is no career section on the company’s website and as a result they mostly advertise for their jobs through employment websites or with agencies. As a result interested applicants should use a search engine to run a search for them.
  • The application requires a resume as well as cover letter. Depending on who has advertised the job, applicants will be asked to send a copy of their resume and cover letter to that person via email. The job sites do specify the job responsibilities and criteria and applicants should pay attention to it and should only apply for jobs that they are eligible for.

Most Common Positions At Relax the Back & Income Information

Relax the Back commonly hires for customer service and sales based positions and both full time and part time jobs are available. Employees may be paid based on an hourly wage system or a monthly salary.

Relax the Back Benefits

Relax the Back not only focuses on its customers but its employees as well. They have an employee centered on the job paid training for their new hires. The training period is an opportunity for the employees to get used to the company culture and to become a part of it. All jobs are well paid and full time employees may be eligible for a life insurance, medical and dental insurance, saving plans and discounts on the store items. Retirement plans may also be offered.Paid leaves are available but are given out in moderation.

All races and nationalities with an appropriate work visa are welcome to apply. Qualified disabled people stand an equal chance of being hired and should apply if they are interested.

To visit Relax the Back’s website click here.

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