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RoomStore Job Application Online

Its parent company founded RoomStore in 1992. They opened their first four stores in Dallas and since then have expanded and opened many more in states across the United States. RoomStore is one of the most reliable furniture companies in the United States and are well known for their excellent customer service. They want to be the best furniture provider in the country and are looking for energetic, self motivated team players that can help them achieve this dream. If you believe that you have the aforementioned qualities and if you want to start a career in the furniture industry, then RoomStore could offer you your dream job.

RoomStoreJobs Available

Application for a job with RoomStore can be submitted for one of the following positions,Cashier,Sales Consultant, Stock Room Associate, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Technician, Delivery Truck Driver, Delivery Specialist, Assistant Store Manager and General Store Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At RoomStore:

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for employment at RoomStore.

RoomStore Store Hours

The store is open on weekdays from 10am to 8pm. The two weekend days have different timings with Saturday’s operation hours being 10am to 9pm and Sundays from 1pm to 6pm. Extended store hours may sometimes be introduced on public holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With RoomStore

  • Since the company does not have a career portal, an application for employment with RoomStore has to be emailed to the appropriate department. The jobs are advertised on the company’s website and can be viewed there. The roles and responsibilities are also explained. Applicants, who want to apply for the jobs, should pay attention to the requirements and should only apply for jobs that they are eligible for.
  • The application requires a resume, as well as cover letter. Applicants are advised to build a professional resume and a cover letter. A picture can also be added to the resume but it is not necessary. Furthermore, applicants applying for managerial level jobs must keep in mind that an experience of at least two years is mandatory. Logistics and delivery jobs may also require applicants to have a valid driving license.

Most Common Positions At RoomStore & Income Information

RoomStorehires for a range of job. However, they most commonly hire for logistics, assembly, customer service and sales based positions. Depending on the position applied for, both full time and part time jobs may be available. The availability also depends on the location that is selected. Employees may be paid based on an hourly wage system or a monthly salary. Managerial positions are usually compensated with monthly salaries, whereas, part timers are usually paid using an hourly wage system.

RoomStore Benefits

On top of good pay packages, RoomStore offers its employees training and numerous other benefits such asa life insurance, medical and dental insurance, saving plans and discounts on the store items. Retirement plans and paid leaves are available but paid leaves are given out in moderation. Their approach is that satisfied employees will be able to provide a higher level of service that will ensure continued business and good customer business relationships. As a result the management has a very caring approach towards the company’s employees.

All races and nationalities with an appropriate work visa are welcome to apply. Qualified disabled people stand an equal chance of being hired and should apply if they are interested.

To visit RoomStore’s website click here.

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