Grocery Store Jobs

Working in a grocery store is a fun place to be.  In many ways, it is the center of your community.  There you will see your friends who have come to stock up on groceries or pick up a quart of milk.  It may sound funny, but the store also is filled with all the latest gossip.  It is full of activity, new things to buy, the freshest foods to be found, and you even get paid to work there!

In a grocery retail store, you may work as a cashier, stocker, work behind the counter at the meat department, help in produce, or even work in the floral department if your store has one.  You might also be asked to work in the cold cuts department, helping shoppers choose their favorite varieties of fresh cheeses, ham, Italian salame, and so on.  Some stores have an onsite bakery filled with tasks associated with bread, baking, and cake decorating and making a nice display.  There you may be asked to be the sandwich maker, or be asked to mix salads and pack them into plastic.  Some stores also provide a barbecued chicken rotisserie.  As you can see, there is no end to the possibilities for work in a supermarket.

There are many perks indeed.   When you work at a store you may be asked to test some new product or be given free samples from the travelling salesmen passing through.  There may be new snacks to try or a tiny bottle of hairspray.  These salesmen hope that you, the grocery store employee, will recommend their products to shoppers in the store.
Upon applying for a grocery store job, you may be asked to join a union.  These positions are very well compensated with increased pay and benefits, and offer excellent retirement benefits after a short period of work, say ten years or so. The grocery store benefits package is usually very good.  There are paid holidays, higher wages on Sunday and other perks.  Even if your store does not have a union, you will normally receive health insurance if you are a full time employee with optional dental and visual coverage.  Some stores offer a 401(k) retirement plan and disability insurance as well.

One of the best benefits of a grocery store job is that you are usually in the right place at the right time.  Produce may be marked down to half price to promote a quick sale. You never know when you can stock up on your favorite fresh food, meat or buy discounted fruit to make a homemade specialty.

Because food is a necessity, there will always be supermarket jobs in a grocery store, be it a mom and pop operation or a national chain.  All of these jobs have at least one thing in common:  the grocery store employee is expected to keep the store clean and well stocked, be courteous to customers who may need help or assistance, and to keep an eye on the expiration date of the goods.  Health controls require that the store sell good only up to their expiration and may be forced to pay strict fines.

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