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Amigos United Application – Apply Online At Amigos United Today

Amigos United Job Application Online

Amigos United, owned by the United line of grocery supermarkets, offers something more than the traditional supermarket in that it focuses on international foods and flavors. They aim to provide access to hard to find ethnic foods and have experienced much success since opening the first store in 2000. Joining Amigos through a Amigos United job application could lead to more opportunities within this growing company.

If you enjoy food, especially if you enjoy unusual or ethnic foods, if like working around people and being physically active, or if you would like to get into the retail business, then Amigos United could provide the ideal work environment and experience for you.

Amigos United Jobs Available

Amigos United hires for many positions around their stores, including cashier, clerk, baker, maintenance technician, meat cutter or wrapper, checker, cleaning specialist, and manager. They have a constant supply of jobs opening, both because they are expanding the number of their stores and because these sorts of jobs can have a high turnover rate. If you don’t get the first job you submit a Amigos United online application for, then continue apply for more.

Minimum Employment Age At Amigos United:

You can start filling out Amigos United job application forms at age 18 or higher.

Amigos United Store Hours

Amigos United stores are open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm every day.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Amigos United

Treat your Amigos United online application for employment with the same care you’d give any job application. If you want to get the job you have to make sure you fill everything out correctly and completely. They probably have enough applications that they can afford to ignore the ones that aren’t complete. Make an effort to show the information that will make you look best. If you’re a new high school graduate this could even be information about extracurricular activities and student organizations. Those sorts of things show that you can handle responsibility and that you get along well with other people.

Besides taking care on your Amigos United application form, be prepared for an interview in which you are asked questions about your interest in the grocery industry, your available hours and your personal ethics and interpersonal skills. Dress professionally and project a friendly, open demeanor. Customer service is very important in the retail environment, so you want to come across as helpful and polite.

Most Common Positions At Amigos United & Income Information

You will most likely fill out Amigos United applications for entry-level positions, although positions in management and corporate headquarters also exist. Becoming a part of United means you may have access to jobs in their other stores such as Market Street and United Supermarkets. Expect industry-standard pay. Fill out a Amigos United job application online through their website.

Amigos United Benefits

Besides the standard benefits such as health insurance, 401ks and paid time off, employees enjoy tuition reimbursement, paid training and access to auto and home insurance discounts. They like to promote from within and encourage employee advancement, as far up as you’re willing to go with hard work and dedication. Dallas Morning News named United one of the “100 Best Places to Work” in 2009.

To visit Amigos United’s website click here.

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