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A&P Supermarket Application – Apply Online At A&P Supermarket Today

A&P Supermarket Job Application Online

A&P is the shortened version of this company’s former title: The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. One of the oldest sellers of foodstuffs in the country, A&P has more than 400 stores scattered throughout the New England area. In addition to the A&P name, they own stores called Food Basics USA, Super Fresh, and Waldbaum’s. If you are interested in entering the supermarket or grocery retail industry, there’s no better way to begin than with a A&P Supermarket application form.

A&P Supermarket Jobs Available

A&P hires for many in-store positions for both their food and non-food sections. They need clerks, stockers, attendants, meat handlers, cake decorators, chefs, cashiers and managers. They also have full-service pharmacies attached to their stories, and hire pharmacists and pharmacy workers to staff them. Submit your A&P Supermarket job application for as many positions as possible to increase your chances of being hired.

Within the corporate offices there are also jobs available in accounting, IT, marketing, human resources and other departments. You may need specialized training or experience to submit a A&P Supermarket online application for employment in these areas.

Minimum Employment Age At A&P Supermarket:

You can consider a A&P Supermarket application at only 16 years of age.

A&P Supermarket Store Hours

Standard store hours for A&P Supermarkets are Monday to Saturday, 7:00am to 10:00pm; and Sunday, 7:00am to 9:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With A&P Supermarket

Although you can submit a A&P Supermarket job application online, they provide a printable form, so the best thing is to take it in yourself. Print out your application, fill it in neatly and clearly, and take it into the store. Ask to speak to the manager on duty and give him or her your application after introducing yourself. Explain why you want to work for A&P. Our information indicates that this increases your chances of being hired by about 800%. Remember, there are lots of people looking for jobs right now, so they probably get many online applications for every job. If you want to make your  A&P Supermarket job application form stand out, then you must make a good personal impression.

As always, dress well. Present your best side and behave in a friendly, straight-forward, relaxed way. Like other businesses, supermarkets depend on good customer service to keep people coming back, so the more pleasant you are, the more likely they are to hire you.

Most Common Positions At A&P Supermarket & Income Information

A&P frequently hires for all the basic store positions. They need people to staff each section of the store, to handle and stock food, to assist customers and to check them out. You may submit a A&P Supermarket online application for pharmacy or managerial positions if you have the necessary training or experience to do a job of that sort. Otherwise, consider one of the many entry-level positions which could lead you to better paying work over time.

A&P Supermarket Benefits

In joining such a large company, you put yourself in line for advancement to many positions, both within the store itself and even to the main corporate offices. A&P offers competitive pay and excellent benefits to eligible full-time employees.

To visit A&P Supermarket’s website click here.

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