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BI LO Job Application Online

BI LO is a grocery store chain in Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas.  They would be a good choice for first-time jobs, or anyone who wants to work in a pleasant environment close to home, doing something that’s not too taxing. They also provide opportunity for advancement for those looking to make a career in the grocery store business. They own more than 200 stores in this region of the United States. Put your BI LO job application form in today.

BI LO Jobs Available

With so many locations, BI LO is always hiring. They staff their stories with people in each department, working as clerks and stockers. They also employ people to cut and wrap their fresh meat, bake, decorate cakes and arrange flowers. Like any business, they occasionally need bookkeepers, custodians, supervisors and managers. Additional departments include the pharmacy and the photo shop. BI LO application forms for these area require technicians and assistants who are trained in that particular work.

Minimum Employment Age At BI LO:

You only have to be 16 to fill out a BI LO job application. This makes BI LO one of the few employers willing to hire employees under the age of 18, and an ideal starting place for young people eager to earn extra money and start taking on adult responsibilities.

BI LO Store Hours

Stores stay open Monday to Saturday,  6:00am to 12:00am and Sunday, 6:00am to 11:00pm. You may need to arrive before or stay after store hours to restock or do other chores.

Important Tips To Apply Online With BI LO

As always, when you submit your BI LO online application for employment you should try to find a way to meet a manager at the store in person. Filling out your application with complete and accurate information is your first step. Take your time to make sure you make it look as good as possible, showcasing all the good things about yourself. Even if you don’t have work references list the names of people who have known you for a few years and who testify to your honesty and reliability.

Stop by the store to explain that you filled out a BI LO online application, and try to make the best impression you can. Stores want people who are cheerful and friendly, who will do their work well and make a good impression on the customers. Show that you’re willing to learn and to work hard, that you’re interested in the store, and that you enjoy being around people.

Most Common Positions At BI LO & Income Information

Most positions available through BI LO application will be for entry-level jobs, unless you have the kind of work experience that qualifies you to become a manager. Expect to be paid according to the work you do, and to have the ability to earn raises over time and as you earn increasing responsibility.

BI LO Benefits

BI LO gives extremely good benefits to those of their workers who qualify. Insurance extends even to including homeowners, vehicle and legal insurance. They provide flexible spending accounts, disability, paid holidays and vacations and of course 401ks. Your BI LO job application online could set you up for a career with benefits that will protect both you and your family.

To visit BI LO’s website click here.

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