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Want to work at Food 4 Less? Here’s how to find the online application for employment, information on the company’s structure and other general information about the company.

Food 4 Less is a discount grocery store chain. Its parent company is Kroger’s. If you want to work in a grocery store or supermarket, Food 4 Less may be the right place for you to submit a job application.

The hiring process at Food 4 Less is straightforward and simple. Prospective employees submit online applications or applications in person in store. The applications are screened by hiring managers, who then get in touch with applicants who are selected for an interview. Like in most grocery stores, there is ongoing hiring, both for entry-level and management positions.

Frequently asked questions about working at Food 4 Less

What is the minimum age required to submit a Food 4 Less an in person or online job application, or to work at Food 4 Less?

Food 4 Less only employs candidates who are at least 16 years of age, so you must be of this age to even consider submitting an application. The law may be different from state to state, so it is important to check with your local store if you are less than 18 years of age.

What days and hours is Food 4 Less open during the week?

Food 4 Less is open seven days a week from 6:00am to 1:00 am in most places, though store hours may vary.

For which positions can one submit an online application at Food 4 Less?

Food 4 Less has positions available for cashiers, sales associates, stock associates, produce clerks, bakery clerks, meat cutters (like butchers), pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, assistant store managers, store managers, and general managers.

Is there a printable Food 4 Less job application form?

Food 4 Less does not have a printable job application form available on its website. You must either apply online directly through their online system and database, or you can pick up a printed form at one of Food 4 Less’ many locations around the country.

If you visit the company website, you will find a page listing existing job openings with the organization.

Opportunities for employment at Food 4 Less

Like at most retail grocery chains, most jobs at Food 4 Less are part-time. This means that the employee would work between 10 and 30 or so hours per week. The average part-time employee at Food 4 Less works 20 hours per week, about half the hours of a full-time employee. These part-time positions are designed for entry-level workers who have other commitments in their lives, like children at home or studies that take up some of their time. Employing entry level, part-time workers also serves the company by allowing them to have less expenses since they don’t have to pay as many benefits to part-time workers as compared to full-time workers.

These entry-level, mostly part-time positions are those such as cashier, sales associate, stock clerk, clerk for specialty departments, and produce associate. Most of these positions do not require formal experience or education specific to the job title. However, the hiring manager will likely be looking for specific qualities and attributes in a candidate. It is therefore important to highlight your qualifications and personality traits on your employment application.

In some cases, Food 4 Less may have full-time openings for these entry-level positions. However, these are usually first offered to current part-time employees, and thus they are not usually open to new applicants or candidates.

Job opportunities also exist for management level candidates. These employees usually have both academic and employment experience that is directly related to the position for which they are applying. There are store manager and assistant manager positions as well as pharmacy employees like pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

Food 4 Less Job Descriptions and Pay Scale


Food 4 Less is constantly hiring cashiers for their locations. These are entry-level positions open to qualified, personable, reliable, and responsible individuals. Cashiers ring up customer purchases, handle credit card and cash transactions, apply discount coupons, and answer a myriad of customer questions and inquiries about promotions, policies and products.

Salary and Compensation

Cashiers and other entry-level employees make on average $9 per hour, approximately minimum wage in most states. Most stores also offer employee discounts on products and services that they offer customers. Cashiers may have professional development opportunities as well as opportunities for promotion.

Grocery, Produce or Stock Clerk

Food 4 Less clerks work to stock the store, either in a particular department or in a general capacity. This means that the clerk takes product from the storage or back areas of the store and merchandises them on the regular store shelves from which customers can choose their selection.

This position requires a level of physical fitness, with some heavy lifting, bending and standing for long periods of time. The clerk candidate is also required to have a friendly attitude as they will be required to answer frequent customer questions when they are on the retail floor area.

Salary, Benefits and Other Compensation

Like the cashier position, the clerk position is an entry-level job. Starting salary is usually close to  minimum wage. Food 4 Less clerks have opportunities for paid training, professional development, a safe and healthy workplace, and opportunities for promotion from within the organization.

Store Manager and Assistant Manager

Store managers and assistant managers at Food 4 Less must be educated, experienced and responsible enough to work in the fast-paced retail grocery environment. Management positions are open to those 18 years and over, though the average age of assistant managers and store managers is significantly older. The position specifically requires experience in a grocery or supermarket environment, a high school diploma and usually post-secondary education of some sort. Communication and organizational skills must also be highly developed and demonstrated.

Assistant manager and store managers are responsible for scheduling and supervising cashiers and clerks, overseeing payroll, and inventory management. \

Food 4 Less stores in some areas have pharmacies. These locations have pharmacy managers and pharmacists that require specific pharmacy-related post-secondary education and experience to be considered for these positions.

Salary, Benefits and Other Compensation

Assistant manager positions have a starting salary around $30,000 annually. As managers move up, they can earn up to $75,000 or more. The average, experienced manager earns around $45,000 annual salary. Each position features comprehensive paid training, career development opportunities, and avenues for professional advancement. Careers in management also provide work benefits, such as in-store discounts, medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug plans, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and profit sharing plans.

Benefits of Employment at Food 4 Less

Why would you want to work at Food 7 Less?

  1. You would receive a decent hourly wage if you are part-time or a competitive annual salary if you are a full-time employee. This latter group will also enjoy benefits including health insurance plans and financial savings plans. There are also vacation pay, dental insurance, vision care insurance, and employee assistance programs available.
  2. You would gain valuable employment experience with an established retail grocery chain. This can help build your career within the company or lead to opportunities with other organizations.

More Information about Food 4 Less

The Food 4 Less grocery chain was founded by entrepreneur Lou Falley. He franchised his original store concept throughout California. In the late 90s, Kroger Co. acquired the Food 4 Less chain.  This is a no frills shopping experience where shoppers take a more active role int their experience. There is less merchandising, less staff, and no designated baggers. This allows the chain to keep product costs down.

Find your job by submitting an online application at Food 4 Less here.

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