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Genuardi’s Job Application Online

Genuardi’s is a division of Safeway, Inc. with grocery stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey operating under the name of Genuardi’s Inc.  Originally started as a family owned business, the pride of the family continues today.  Under this name, there are currently 40 stores in three states. As a Fortune 500 company, Safeway is able to offer its entry-level position employees the opportunity of combining classroom education with work experience under its PACE program.  For those who wish to advance into management levels, a two-phase program has been developed.  Safeway prides itself on promoting within the company whenever possible and encouraging all its employees to advancements in their career choices. Fill out one of the Genuardi’s online application for employment now and open the door to an extraordinary career path.

Genuardi’s Jobs Available

Genuardi’s currently has several openings for entry-level and professional candidates.  Current openings include service deli prep, cashiers, seafood wrapper, produce clerk and cake decorator. There are opening available for management positions as well as Pharmacy positions.  Genuardi’s does hire both part-time and full-time.  This is not an exhaustive list, but reflective of some of the various jobs available.  And, be sure to check with your local store for other jobs as well before filling out the Genuardi’s application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Genuardi’s:

You must be at least 16 years of age to submit a Genuardi’sjob application online.

Genuardi’s Store Hours

Genuardi’s is open Daily from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Genuardi’s

  • Take the time to learn as much as you can about the company.  Discover what they offer consumers and employees, search for positions available, and once you decide that you want to work at this location, submit your Genuardi’s online application.
  • During your interview, ask about the various programs that interest you.
  • Be prepared to explain in a few words why you will be an asset to the business. Ask yourself if you would like to participate in company fund-raisers or if your future goals include training for management.  Let it be known that you want to further your education so that it benefits the company in the future.
  • When you work with food sources, cleanliness is absolutely necessary.  Genuardi’s mentions that a clean store is one of the hallmarks of their brand.  Your personal appearance will be a determining factor considered during the interview.
  • For your interview, wear appropriate clothing that is clean, freshly pressed and appropriate shoes.  No jeans or sneakers should be worn if you want to be hired by this company.  Have your hair styled and nails cleaned or manicured first.

Most Common Positions At Genuardi’s & Income Information

The most common positions at Genuardi’s are usually entry-level positions including porter, prep personnel in the deli, bakery, and prepared food areas.  While there are far fewer professional positions there are currently several openings for chefs who meet the qualifications desired by discerning palates. To take advantage of these opportunities, visit the website to submit your Genuardi’s job application.

Genuardi’s Benefits

Genuardi’s offers benefit packages to all of its employees, even part-timers.  You will have a choice of medical plans, vision care, prescription coverage, dental and orthodontic care, flexible spending accounts for employees and family, company paid basic life insurance, paid vacation and sick time, as well as education programs are all part of the benefits offered under the Safeway umbrella.  To learn more about the benefits, submit your Genuardi’s application today.

To visit Genuardi’s website click here.

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