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Company Overview

Kroger Grocery Stores is the largest super market chain in the United States with over thirty six hundred stores, including several in Canada.  With fiscal year 2010 sales of $76.7 billion, it is the second biggest retailer in the country, only behind WalMart.  Since the chain of different branded stores (Kroger, Fred Meyer, City Market, Fry’s Ralph’s) employs more than three hundred thousand people, deciding to apply for work at Kroger might be a very fulfilling career choice for many diverse people in a multitude of different specialties.  So, how, when, and where does one fill out a Kroger application as to where he or she might have expectations of being hired?

Trying the Local Store

With so many stores, chances are pretty good that there is one of Kroger’s stores in either your neighborhood or within commuting distance of your home.  Therefore, your best chance of being hired would be to present yourself to the local store during normal business hours when the personnel and hiring managers are more likely to be present, and ask to fill out a Kroger employment application.  Usually those hours are around eight to five Monday through Friday.  This is especially true for positions that the local store would actually use, including such jobs as stocker, checkout clerk, and bagger.  Even such professional jobs as butchers, opticians, and pharmacy workers are employed in the larger stores.  One on one handshakes and introducing yourself and your skills are still the best way to get hired.  Still, make sure you have a professional, computer generated resume with you (with zero mistakes), especially if you have work experience.  Don’t fret if you don’t have any prior work history, the entry level positions like baggers are normally filled by young people.  Just remember that due to child labor laws, sixteen is generally the minimum age to be hired in the United States.  Also follow the business dress rules and dress appropriately as to the job you are applying for.  However, a nice suit or dress never hurts no matter what the position.  Pay attention to the small things also, like a breath mint before hand and making sure your hair is neat and trimmed appropriately before trying the Kroger job application.

The Application Process

Go to the customer service counter of the store and tell the clerk you wish to fill out a Kroger job application form.  He or she will hand you the form and direct you to an empty table or desk.  Take your time and fill out the application in its entirety, making sure you answer every question as thoroughly as possible.  You should know the rudimentary questions, like SSN, previous addresses and employment (including names and addresses of your bosses).  Normally you are asked for three references also, so jot down their names, addresses, and phone numbers before you leave home.  Once you complete the application (make sure you sign and date it!), return it to the customer service window.  Even if the clerk takes it and tells you there are no openings, gently and politely ask to see a manager or the personnel admin.  It could be the customer service clerk has been told to filter out applicants and the first answer is correct.  But it could also be the clerk doesn’t want any new applicants for whatever reason.  Your persistence could very well pay off for you for the manager could be impressed.  Or maybe he just got off the phone with the third employee calling in sick on his busiest day of the week and the other employees are swamped.  He may very well tell you that you are hired and to roll up your sleeves, fill out these forms and let’s get started!

Maybe the Internet

Like many other entities, the company has gone high tech and has a web site with its own careers sections, just visit www.   Filling out a Kroger job application online is a streamlined process that takes only a few minutes to complete.  The online process is especially required for experienced professionals and those who wish to work at the corporate headquarters or one of the company’s many distribution and warehouse points scattered throughout North America.  It is almost expected of those wishing to request employment in the information technology field.  Yet even postings for the local stores can be filled out on line via the Kroger online application if one wishes.

Online Process

Once you visit the “careers” section of, you will see the company’s different divisions and a site for each.  Click “Apply Now” on the site that interests you and you will be taken to the Kroger online application for employment.  Before you start, make sure you have an accurate e-mail address, which is essential for the online process.  From there, fill out the online application much in the same way that you would fill out the Kroger application form at the store, name, address, phone number, previous employment, references, and e-mail address.  Once you are finished, click “Apply” If your skills match an open position, you will then be contacted by an employment recruiter for the company, either by phone or e mail.  An interview will be arranged with the personnel manager in charge of whatever department you are applying to.


To conclude, whichever way you decide to go, either the Kroger job applications in person or the Kroger application online using your home computer, the Kroger Company has made the employment process as easy as possible and taking that first step could very well be the key to a long and successful career with the corporation.  Kroger’s website touts its dedication to its employees and says it offers such benefits as health care, 401(K) retirement contributions, and paid time off for holidays and vacations.  Pay is at least comparable with its competitors and is commiserate with the skills the employee possesses.  So if you need employment, you should definitely consider Kroger as one opportunity to explore in your job search.


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