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Lion Supermarket Application – Apply Online At Lion Supermarket Today

Lion Supermarket Job Application Online

Lion operates six supermarkets in the San Francisco Bay area that cater to the Asian community. From fresh seafood to imported Asian brands, they aim to provide the best of Asian food to their customers. Working in a Lion Supermarket could offer you not only valuable job experience but exposure to other foods and cultures. Whether you are looking for part time, full time or summer work; or whether you’re considering building a whole career in the grocery business, Lion Supermarket will give you a friendly, fast-paced environment to do it in. If you love the food, that’s just a bonus.

Lion Supermarket Jobs Available

Lion Supermarket typically hires checkers, clerks, stockers, drivers, cashiers and managers. They also need people to help prepare the food for sale, such as meat cutters, cake decorators and donut fryers. If you have experience working in a pharmacy, they made need a pharmacy technician or specialist. Most jobs require you to be on your feet for several hours at a time. Your basic Lion Supermarket job application form will put in line for a variety of interesting jobs. To know the specific jobs that are currently available at a store, you will have to contact that location.

Minimum Employment Age At Lion Supermarket:

Like at most stores, a Lion Supermarket job application requires you to be 18 or older.

Lion Supermarket Store Hours

Lion is open every day from 9:00am to 9:00pm. To increase your chances of being hired, be willing to work evenings and weekends.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Lion Supermarket

Lion provides a Lion Supermarket online application for employment that you may fill out and email to the store. Contact the store first to find out what availabilities they have, or you may wish to just put an application on file with them. Remember that new openings will occur regularly. It’s important that you fill out your Lion Supermarket application form carefully, not leaving anything out. Lion prefers that you turn in your Lion Supermarket online application by email. Follow the links on this sit or their home website to find the Lion Supermarket job application online, and the correct email address. However, you may still wish to go by the Lion Supermarket of your choice and discuss your wish to work there with the manager. Find out what openings they have, and ask for advice in filling out the application.

Most interviews will be scheduled within two weeks of the Lion Supermarket application submission. They are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking people with excellent customer service skills. Show them your best by being professionally dressed, smiling and answering questions in a direct, confident manner. About a week or so after the interview, follow up with a phone call.

Most Common Positions At Lion Supermarket & Income Information

The majority of Lion Supermarket positions are for entry-level jobs. The pay will be comparable to industry standards for that type of work.

Lion Supermarket Benefits

Qualified employees may receive benefits package including health insurance, retirement, and paid time off. Lion provides opportunities for training and advancement for those who are motivated. The hours are flexible and the long-term possibilities excellent. If you live in the Bay Area, consider a job at Lion Supermarket.

To visit Lion Supermarket’s website click here.

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