Loblaw has earned the right to shout to the world that it is one of the best companies in Canada to work for since being named as one of Canada’s Top 100!  Loblaw has built a company culture focused on diversity and employment opportunities for new Canadians by utilizing their understanding, training and customer relationship experiences to make Loblaw a better company every day.   Loblaw has more than 576 stores across Canada and continues to expand as demand and opportunity presents itself.  The heart of every business is located in its distribution capability and employees in the supply chain are valued for their extraordinary service to connect the desires of the corporate office with the needs of the stores and our customers.  Opportunities for Pharmacists are especially innovative as advances in the field continue to exceed expectations.  For applicants interested in financial services, Loblaw’s President’s Choice Financial division devotes itself to building winners.  Regardless of the department, Loblaw seeks out applicants who are confident, enjoy marketing related activities and want to continue to learn as they work.  If you possess these qualities, find out if there is a position awaiting you by submitting your Loblaw online application for employment. 

Loblaw Jobs Available

You may submit a Loblaw application form for any of the following positions:   Multicultural Marketing in meat and seafood as manager, marketing or sales associate, Human resources in the Quebec/Montreal division – French is required, Drivers for the supply chain division, or part time overnight associates at any of the local stores.

Minimum Employment Age at Loblaw

Loblaw job application online is available to applicants of 18 years or older.

Loblaw Store Hours

Store hours differ according to the location, the particular department and the position that an employee accepts.  The job description will detail the hours for that particular position.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Loblaw

  • To access the Loblaw online application click on the “Search and Apply” link in the left side column – the last link from the careers page.  This will take you to a page where you can create a new account and search for a particular job – on the far right hand side of the page at the top.  Or, you can scroll through the Hot Jobs and see if there are any that you are particularly interested in accepting.  Mark the check box next to any and all of the positions to see the detailed information.
  • Answer all the questions as completely and honestly as possible on Loblaw job application form, and submit your application directly from your account.

Most Common Positions at Loblaw & Income Information

The most common positions are in retail sales, retail marketing and stocking.  Loss prevention is another common opening. Openings in Quebec and Montreal require fluency in French and for those who are multilingual the opportunity for advancement is even greater.  Submitting Loblaw job application is the only way to begin a career with one of Canada’s Top 100 employers!

Loblaw Benefits

Your Loblaw application starts the ball rolling toward a career that will grow as you learn first hand.  Your career pathway is designed by the choices you make and the opportunities that you accept.  Competitive wages, health and life insurance options, flexible hours, paid vacation, sick leave and personal days are only a few of the benefits that Loblaw offers its employees.  For recent or about to be college graduates, the grad@Loblaw is a permanent employment opportunity with full pay and benefits.




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