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Lucky Supermarket Application – Apply Online At Lucky Supermarket Today

Lucky Supermarket Job Application Online

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area and need to find entry level work, or want to explore a career in grocery retail, then consider submitting a Lucky Supermarket job application. Lucky is a prominent supermarket chain in the bay area, carrying some of the finest local brands. They are also active in the community, serving as the official grocery store of the Oakland Raiders and the Golden State Warriors, and sponsoring several different fairs and festivals. They additionally sponsor two public-access cooking shows and contribute to many charities.

Submit your Lucky Supermarket job application form today to one of the 70 Lucky Supermarkets to become a part of an exciting organization.

Lucky Supermarket Jobs Available

Lucky hires people to staff their stores, such as clerks, pharmacists and managers; and people to run the administrative aspect of the business, such as accountants, IT Quality Assurance, office clerks and system administrators. The level of training or experience you’ll need depends on the job. If you don’t have much of either, then fill out a Lucky Supermarket application form for one of the clerk positions. Otherwise, apply for the job that seems to fit your skills the best.

Minimum Employment Age At Lucky Supermarket:

You should be 18 to make a Lucky Supermarket application.

Lucky Supermarket Store Hours

Official store hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 8:00pm; Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm; and Sunday, 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Lucky Supermarket

When you fill out your Lucky Supermarket job application online, take the time make sure every section is filled out properly and completely. Even small mistakes can cost you. It’s better to go away and leave it while you find the information you need rather than to rush through it just to get it in a little sooner. Submit a Lucky Supermarket online application for as many positions as you qualify for and are willing to do. Don’t forget to consider multiple locations.

If you get the chance, go by a Lucky Supermarket. Become familiar with the store and talk to the manager about why you want to work there. You will probably get called for an interview within two weeks. Dress professionally, smile and be outgoing. They want people who can provide good customer service, which means that you should appear friendly, upbeat and helpful. Make eye contact with the person who’s interviewing you, answer questions briefly but specifically, and be prepared to talk about what you like about Lucky Supermarkets. You may also be required to pass a drug screening.

Most Common Positions At Lucky Supermarket & Income Information

As with all supermarket and grocery stores, Lucky hires a large base of entry-level workers. Working in the store, you will be responsible for helping to organize the store, assist customers and possible work at the cash register checking people out. Office clerk positions may involve basic clerical work. Lucky pays competitive wages for these and other positions.

Lucky Supermarket Benefits

Your Lucky Supermarket online application for employment could lead you beyond merely a summer job to a real career within the grocery retail market. Lucky offers opportunities for advancement in the company, including paid training. They also provide health insurance and other benefits to qualified employees.

To visit Lucky Supermarket ‘s website click here.

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