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Nijiya Market Application – Apply Online At Nijiya Market Today

Nijiya Market Job Application Online

Nijiya Markets is a chain of Japanese supermarkets offering locations throughout the western United States. The Asian grocery store sells Asian specific foods which are otherwise difficult to find in American supermarkets. Nijiya Market offers weekly discounts, deals and coupons, and a comprehensive website in both English and Japanese, enabling shoppers to purchase goods online for delivery.  You can utilize either the English or the Japanese language version of the Nijiya Market online application for employment.

 Nijiya Market Jobs Available

You may submit a Nijiya Market application form for any of the following positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Associate, Maintenance Technician, Store Training Specialist, Perishable Manager, Floor Manager, Accountant, Pricing Coordinator, Assistant Store Manager, and General Store Manager, Courtesy Clerk, Deli Clerk, Meat Clerk, Produce Clerk, Seafood Clerk, and Non Perishables Operations Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Nijiya Market:

The Nijiya Market job application online is available to applicants of eighteen or older.

Nijiya Market Store Hours

Click the “Store Locations” link at the top of the website to determine the address and operating hours of locations near you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Nijiya Market

  • Click the “Career” link at the bottom of the website to read about hiring practices, training opportunities, job openings, and a link to the Nijiya Market online application.
  • You will be asked to submit a resume with your Nijiya Market Company job application form. If you don’t already have a resume prepared, you can make use of available online templates to create one, which will assist you in your job hunting. The submission information for the resume can be found on the careers page of the company website.
  • Bilingual employees are especially welcome, given the demographics of the usual clientele. If you speak Japanese, don’t omit that information from your application.

Most Common Positions At Nijiya Market & Income Information

Some of the food handling positions at Nijiya market will be new experiences for some Americans, but the market itself is an educational experience.  The hourly positions for which you are invited to submit a Nijiya Market job application include sales associates and cashiers, floor sales in deli, meat, produce, or dry goods, maintenance and janitorial services, technicians for refrigeration and other technology, grocery baggers, and other specialty areas.  Salaried positions include sales managers, floor managers, financial analysts, advertising and marketing.  Corporate support positions include administrative assistance, financial analysts and accounting, sales and advertising, warehousing and transportation, logistical support, and information technology support, sometimes involving travel among the chain’s locations spread across California and Hawaii.

Nijiya Market Benefits

Your successful submission of a Nijiya Market application positions you to enjoy competitive wages; health coverage including medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as prescription drug coverage; retirement 401(K) savings plans and pension plans; paid vacations, holidays, and sick leave; flexible scheduling, the use of an employee credit union; insurance for long term and short term disability; an Employee Assistance Program for issues like counseling, and training programs.  Hand in hand with the job training, for those who aren’t thoroughly familiar with Asian foods, will be an education in Asian eating, the different names by which different foods are called in different cultures, and the uses of foods which may seem mysterious to many Americans.  Combined with your employee discount, this employment provides a cultural education that’s the next best thing to travel!

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