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Roundy’s Supermarket Application – Apply Online At Roundy’s Supermarket Today

Roundy’s Supermarket Job Application Online

Roundy’s Supermarket sells wholesale goods and was started in 1872 in Wisconsin. The company employs nearly 17,000 people and generates yearly revenue of nearly 4 billion American dollars. Roundy’s customer service levels are known to be one of the best in the industry and their staff is always warm and cheerful. They are always on the lookout for talented people who are passionate about the food industry as well as sales. They are currently hiring people and are looking into filling vacancies with energetic, motivated and honest people. If you feel that you match the criteria, and would like to start off a career in the retail sector, then you should apply for work at Roundy’s Supermarket.

Roundy’s Supermarket Jobs Available

Application for a job with Roundy’s Supermarket can be submitted for one of the following positions,Grocery Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Courtesy Clerk, Maintenance Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Manager, Pricing Analyst, Business Analyst, Deli Bakery Merchandiser, Bakery/Deli Merchandiser, Service Operations Manager, Accounts Payable Manager, Grocery Operations Manager, Staff Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Roundy’s Supermarket:

Interested applicants,need to be at least 16 years of age or older to be considered for a job at Roundy’s Supermarket.

Roundy’s Supermarket Store Hours

Roundy’s Supermarket store hours are from 6am to 11pm all week. Extended hours may be introduced on public holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Roundy’s Supermarket

  • Roundy’s Supermarket runs a chain of stores under different names. Therefore, interested applicants need to select one of the stores on company’s homepage and then access the career portal of the selected store. However, in order to apply in the parent company, the best option is to run an online search and that will yield the appropriate result. Once in the career section candidates have to make a selection and decide which job they want to apply for.
  • After selecting a job, the applicant will be asked to send a resume and a cover letter to the appropriate department via email. Interested applicants are encouraged to send an up to date copy of their resume.

Most Common Positions At Roundy’s Supermarket & Income Information

Roundy’s Supermarket hires for a range of roles but they mainly hires for administration, pharmacy and management based roles. Depending on the job applied for, both full time and part time positions may be available. Employees may be paid using a monthly pay system or an hourly wage.

Roundy’s Supermarket Benefits

Roundy’s Supermarket’s management cares about its employees and reward them with attractive pay packages, coupled with benefits. The benefits include medical and dental coverage, health and life insurance, in store discounts and retirement benefits. However, some of these benefits are exclusively provided to full time employees but part timers do enjoy some benefits as well.

Roundy’s Supermarket is a large company and they know that their success is dependent on their employees and that they will prosper only if their employees offer an excellent level of customer service. Therefore, they want to motivate the employees to progress and do well, so the company will do well. Paid trainings are a norm and employees are also sent on professional training courses paid for by the company.

All applicants are considered equal and stand an equal chance of being hired. The only requirement is age and a valid work visa, disabilities and ethnicities are not criteria to be considered for employment.

To visit Roundy’s Supermarket’s website click here.

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