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Sobey’s is well known in Canada as it is their second largest retailer of food products. There are more than 1,300 stores under its banner and these are spread across 10 provinces. Sobey’s now has about 80,000 employees and as the store continues to grow bigger and bigger, it keeps employing new people to join its workforce. Sobey’s is proud to serve its community and the customer is placed first at all times. Now if you are looking for a job at Sobey’s, make your way to Sobey’s online application for employment.

Sobey’s Jobs Available

There are currently 251 open jobs and you can apply for these jobs using Sobey’s application form. These jobs are available in the following categories: in-store, store management, corporate, pharmacy distribution center and students. Current openings include: bakery assistant manager, cake decorator, store manager, manager in-making and others.

Minimum Employment Age at Sobey’s

You need to be of minimum working age in order to apply for any position using Sobey’s Storejob application online.

Mac’s Convenience Store Hours

With over 1500 stores, keeping tabs on their working hours is next to impossible and you will need to use the store locator to find out the working hours of a Sobey’s store in your area.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Sobey’s Store

  • Like most career pages nowadays, you will need to have a user account so as utilize Sobey’s online application.
  • Once you find a vacant position that you feel is within your line of expertise you can click on it to have a look at its details and to access Sobey’s job application form. You can also send the job opening to a friend.
  • Submitting your resume profile is pretty uncomplicated but be sure to edit and update it before sending it out. With 251 current openings, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a few jobs you can apply for.

Most Common Positions at Sobey’s & Income Information

Sobey’s Store job application is open to all and the vacancies provide their location so you don’t have to worry about applying for a job that is away from your locality. As we mentioned, there are various categories to choose from. In the distribution center, common positions are driver, forklift operator, battery technician, operations manager, shipper/receiver, maintenance worker and many more. In management, positions such as store manager are common while in pharmacy some of the commonly featured jobs are staff pharmacist, long-term care pharmacist and others. Sobey’s encourages its employees to further their education and supports them with their student programs. As an employee in this organization, you could sign up for the tuition assistance program and the chartered accountant training program.

Sobey’s Benefits

So why would you want to submit a Sobey’s application form? The reasons are many. The work environment is great and employees get major benefits. These include core coverage which has the employees assistant program, health and dental care, basic accidental death and dismemberment, short term and long term disability, basic critical illness insurance,  basic life insurance, dependent coverage for dental and health amongst others. These are provided for both full time and part time employees. You get flexibility with your health care and dental coverage plus you can select a package that is most suitable for you and your family.

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