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SUPERVALU Job Application Online

SUPERVALU is one of the largest grocery retail companies in the country. They own 11 different grocery store and pharmacy chains, including such brands as Lucky, Bloom, Acme, Albertson’s and Save-a-Lot. Altogether they operate more than 2,500 stores across the nation. In addition, they operate distribution centers and supply grocery retail services for another 5,000 grocery retails. They truly are a mammoth corporation with endless opportunities for advancement and personal career growth.

Just submitting a SUPERVALU online application for employment could put you in position to receive jobs in any one of these grocery stores and outlets. Better than an application to a small local company, a SUPERVALU online application gives you access to large numbers of jobs opening up constantly. Whether you’re looking for entry-level summer work  or an exciting career, SUPERVALU may be the company for you.

SUPERVALU Jobs Available

SUPERVALU job applications offer work in four primary areas: grocery stores, pharmacies, corporate offices, and supply chain services. A search through job openings in each category will give you help you decide which one is best suited to you. This may also be determined by where you live. Put in a SUPERVALU online application for as many jobs as you are interested in and qualified to do.

Minimum Employment Age At SUPERVALU:

The minimum employment age at SUPERVALU is 16; however, that is for entry-level work and some positions may require you to be older. Be sure to check before you submit your SUPERVALU application.


SUPERVALU store hours vary according to chain and location; however, grocery stores are typically open on weekends and for some nighttime hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With SUPERVALU

The SUPERVALU website allows you to create your own profile, along with criteria for the types of jobs you want. They will alert you when new openings come available, and you can submit a SUPERVALU job application online with little more than a click of the mouse. It’s worth your while to fill out a complete and thorough profile, to make future SUPERVALU application forms easier.

Dress nicely for your interview, and present yourself as professional, alert and friendly. Expect questions about your background and education. You may also have to pass a drug test, a background screening, personality tests or other tests. Some jobs will require more than one interview, either before a panel or one-on-one. Always sit up straight, make eye contact and smile. Demonstrate a strong work ethic and a passion for the business.

Most Common Positions At SUPERVALU & Income Information

Although SUPERVALU offers a wide range of employment opportunities, the largest volume of jobs is in grocery stores. There, the majority of work is entry-level. This means that almost anyone qualifies to submit a SUPERVALU job application form, and although the pay level for such jobs is not very high, you will have many chances to advance to higher jobs.


The precise benefits a job brings will vary, but SUPERVALU offers qualified employees medical, dental and life insurance; 401ks; paid time off; and employee stock purchase and profit sharing programs. You may also qualify for other perks such as tuition and adoption assistance.

To visit SUPERVALU’s website click here.

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