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Tom Thumb Application – Apply Online At Tom Thumb Today

Tom Thumb Job Application Online

Tom Thumb started as a small local grocery store in Dallas in the 1940’s. Today it is a large, successful chain scattered throughout Florida and Alabama. It’s a subsidiary of the Safeway company, and hires through their website. Working at a Tom Thumb gives you a chance to gain experience in the grocery retail industry, with the ability to work your way up inside the large Safeway corporation. Some of its current executive vice presidents started out as clerks.

Tom Thumb Jobs Available

If you want to work at a Tom Thumb, you must expect to do work within the store, such as clerk, cashier, meat cutter, stocker or, if you have experience, manager. Safeway also hires people to work in their distribution warehouses and pharmacies, to drive their trucks, or to do executive or clerical work at their central offices. A Tom Thumb online application for employment will qualify you for the store jobs.

Minimum Employment Age At Tom Thumb:

You may submit a Tom Thumb job application if you are 18 or older.

Tom Thumb Store Hours

Tom Thumb stores stay open from 6 in the morning to 12 midnight every day.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Tom Thumb

To submit a Tom Thumb job application online, follow the link from the main website to the Safeway careers page.  There you can apply for the job of your choice, choosing your location and the type of work you’re interested in.  Establish a profile so that you can submit Tom Thumb application forms for multiple jobs without having to actually fill them out each time. New openings may open up daily.

In addition to a Tom Thumb online application, you may want to consider going by your local Tom Thumb store. Talk to the manager about any vacancies and explain why you want to work there. He or she will be able to give you the best advice about applying, and if it becomes their decision who to interview, you are must more likely to be chosen. As always, dress professionally for any interview, smile and make eye contact. All Tom Thumb employees may be required to pass a drug test.

Most Common Positions At Tom Thumb & Income Information

Most positions working in a Tom Thumb store will be entry-level. This means that youthat don’t have to have much experience or training to submit a Tom Thumb job application form, but it also means that starting pay will probably be only a little higher than minimum wage. Exact wage will depend on the area and the job. However, if you persist and work hard, you can earn more responsibility and better pay pretty quickly.

Tom Thumb Benefits

In making your Tom Thumb application, you make yourself eligible to join the family of Safeway companies. This means you get all the advantage of large corporate benefits, such as excellent insurance, a company-paid retirement plan plus 401k, stock purchase, employee discounts, and an employee assistance program. They also provide many opportunities for job training and professional development, with the goal of promoting from within. Although a job at your local Tom Thumb may not seem like much, it could lead you to much greater things.

To visit Tom Thumb’s website click here.

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